Student Government Clubs

Student Government Executive Board
The Student Government serves as the representative voice of the SHU student body to the faculty and administration.  Students can become involved through their class boards, various organizations and other committees. 

Student Events Team | SET
The Student Events Team is responsible for programming events each week for the entire SHU community.  SET is composed of eight committees that sponsor much of the entertainment for the SHU residents and commuters.  Events range from BINGO, major concerts, bands, lectures, films, theme weeks, and much more.

Student Government Senate
The Student Senate serves the purpose of voicing the student's concerns to the higher authorities on campus, such as the administration.  The Senate deals with issues such as parking, maintenance, library, and public safety.  The senate holds meetings that are open for all students to come with questions, comments, or concerns.

Council of Clubs and Organizations | CCO
The council is a place for representatives of all clubs and organizations to come together.  Meetings are monthly and allow different organizations to communicate and share ideas and events that will be happening on campus.

Class Boards
The Class Boards are comprised of a class elected President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, and four senators from each class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior). Each class board may have different non-elected committees, such as events, fundraising, and community service. The class boards focus on running different events on campus, as well as acting as a sounding board for its fellow classmates' concerns.