Social Clubs

Sagrado Coracao Capoeira | Translation: Sacred Heart Capoeira
The Sacred Heart Capoeira club teaches students the history and the technique of performing this Brazilian martial art form that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music.

College Democrats
The College Democrats pledge themselves to support the philosophy and candidates of the Democratic Party. Furthermore, the College Democrats declare its intention to support all efforts to increase the participation of college students in democratic affairs.

College RepublicansThe College Republicans is an active campus organization that sponsors speakers, voter registration drives, and political debates. The Club is very active in federal, state and local elections and encourages students to become deeply involved in the American political process.

Gender Sexuality Alliance | GSA
The SHU GSA was started in the Fall of 2000 to promote a safe environment for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender students and their allies. They provide programming and events that promote a diverse and accepting environment, and work to make Sacred Heart University a better place for students no matter what their sexual orientation.

Love Your Melon
Love Your Melon works to raise awareness for childhood cancer and its mission is to provide every child battling cancer a hat to cover his or her “melon.”

National Residence Hall Honorary
NRHH is composed of the top 1% of student leaders in the Residence Halls.  They strive to recognize contributions within the Halls through their “of the month” recognition system.

Residence Hall Association | RHA
The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a programming and advocacy organization for both on and off campus students to promote SHU pride. RHA looks to promote unity and positivity on campus through Community Councils in each of the residence halls where students can voice their concerns about residential issues and participate in community building activities.

Student Alumni Association | SAA
Student Alumni Association (SAA) works closely with the Office of Institutional Advancement to create relationships with current students that will last long after graduation. The main event is Homecoming Weekend every October.

Student Events Team | SET
Part of Student Government, the Student Events Team, is the largest programming board on campus. Holding multiple events per week, SET works to provide students with a variety of social events to attend. All students are encouraged to join and give their input.