C2R Ministry Organization


Under the mission of Ebenezer Holy Temple, C2 RUSS is an evangelistic organization catering to the needs of the community by the means of environmental cleanliness and sanitation. Its mission is a threefold ministry whereby members or participants act as co-laborers in Christ into the streets of local Northeastern communities to clean and restore the streets, share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and build a safe and secure community.

Founded in 2016 under Ebenezer Holy Temple in Hartford, CT, C2 RUSS looks to expand its organization from local to Northeastern communities. The primary location and strategic focus is in Hartford, CT with a vision to branch out to streets and environments in Waterbury, New Haven, Bridgeport, New Britain, Danbury, and other rural areas in Connecticut, and boarder states. The organization will accomplish its mission and goals by recruiting qualified volunteers, developing lasting relationships with community members and organizations, and orchestrating community events.


Devon McCormick
Campus Minister
Academic Building SC 125
Tel: 203-371-7840


Mario Cimino