Running an Effective Meeting

Below are tips that are applicable to ALL club members and will assist you in your quest to hold effective meetings over the course of the year. A sample agenda is included in the Appendix potion of this manual to use as a template for club meetings.

1. Be prepared

  • Know the purpose
  • Do your research/know what you are presenting
  • Create and review the agenda
  • Ask any questions necessary
  • Bring any necessary materials (i.e. laptop, pen, paper, copies of agenda, etc.)

2. Demonstrate good meeting manners

  • Arrive on time (“If you’re early you’re on time, if you on time you’re late”)
  • Avoid unnecessary interruptions (silence phones)
  • Observe specified time limits
  • Stay until the end
  • No side conversations
  • Be attentive
  • One person speaks at one time
  • Raise hand

3. Participation is key

  • Support the group’s efforts/show interest
  • Get involved in the discussions
  • Be creative
  • Respectfully express your feelings
  • Offer solutions/share your thoughts
  • Take notes

4. Tips for effective communication

  • Listen carefully
  • Be courteous of others and their opinions
  • Thoroughly consider suggestions/offer additional if needed
  • Express yourself clearly
  • Summarize as needed
  • Include everyone
  • Be clear and concise

5. Bring the meeting to a close

  • Tie up loose ends/recap necessary points of the meeting
  • Delegate follow-up assignments
  • Plan the next meeting (if necessary)
  • End the meeting on a positive note