Planning an Event

Before planning any event, your Club/Organization must have a day/time/location reserved to have your weekly/bi-weekly meetings. Without an approved ERF you will not be able to meet or plan events.

It’s essential that our office knows when and where you’re meeting so that we can:

  • Have all the information in our system/on the calendar
  • Be able to inform new students how and where they can join your club.

Step 1

Gather everyone’s Pinterest boards, Etsy accounts, and Google Searches ready! At your clubs meetings discuss what types of events your club/organization would like to host.

Step 2

Check to see if your idea is on the Things to Talk to CCO Before Proceeding, if so please follow the appropriate steps before moving to Step 3.

Step 3

Once an idea and date has been agreed upon, the next step is to reserve the space. See How To: ERF, under President Tips by step-by-step instructions. The Student Activities will review your form and approve the event, while the Student Union will approve the space for that event. Log in to the link below with your e-mail username and password and use the features to find space.


Step 4

If your event is in need of tables, chairs or staging, you must submit a Maintenance Organization Program Form, (MOP Request). See How To: MOPs, under President Tips for step by step instructions.

Step 5

If your event is in need of mics, speakers, etc...please contact the Audio Visual Office with an AV Request Form. Notice: your Advisor may have to sign out and be responsible for the equipment.