How To: 25 Live Event Registration Form

In order to properly host an event or conduct your regular weekly/bi-weekly/monthly meetings you must first request the space and get event approval through the 25 Life Event Registration online form. Also, this system helps advertise your event because once approved it is uploaded to the University calendar that can be viewed all around campus! Follow the steps below to properly request the desired space. Once the form is submitted the event idea is approved by the Director of Student Activities and then sent to the Student Union for space approval.

Please request space at least 48 hours in advance and remember you must check back to verify that your request was confirmed by the University, just submitting the request does not guarantee the permission to use the space.

Step 1

Visit the Sacred Heart University main page and scroll all the way to bottom where the “Popular Pages” are listed:

ERF Step 1

Step 2

Click the “Event Registration” link, this will open up the 25 Live Event Registration form in a separate window.

Step 3

Click Sign In, in the top blue bar on the right. Using your Sacred Heart username and password, log in.

Step 4

Select “Event Wizard”

ERF Step 4

Step 5

The first screen will ask for:

  • Event Title (Short and Formal – typically you can write the same thing in both lines)
  • Event Type, (Meeting, Event, etc.)
  • Organization (Enter your club name)

ERF Step 5

**Please be creative with event names to entice readers to attend.  If you are requesting space for your regular meetings select “Meeting-Shared” under “Type.” If you are requesting space for an event or fundraiser select “Community, Demonstration, Fundraiser, Party, Performance, Presentation, or Reception” depending on the category type of your event idea.

Step 6

The second screen will ask you the estimated/registered head count of the event and for a description of the event. For the event description, you should be as descriptive as possible.

For example: “Join the Student Events Team and Create Your own photo bobble head! We have different figures you can add your face to! Become a football player, army man/women, cheerleader and much more! Either bring your own photo and take one day off! This event is FREE and open to all Full-Time Undergraduate Students!”

*The head count number will change depending on the space you are requesting and the type of event you are requesting space for. 

ERF Step 6

Step 7

Next the system will ask you whether or not the meeting or event occurs more than once.

If you a requesting space for your club/organization meeting’s that occur weekly or bi-weekly you will want to select “Yes”. *Note you can only schedule reoccurring events for a semester’s length of time not for the entire academic year.

If you were requesting space for an event you would select “No” to the event reoccurring. 

ERF Step 7

Step 8

Next you will be asked for the events date and time. You will selected the date and time that your event starts and ends (do not include any set up or breakdown time here)

*If you are hosting an event that needs Set-Up time: click Yes” next to the question “Does your event require setup or pre-event time” and a drop down menu will appear prompting you to select the number of days, hours and minutes required for setup.

*If you are hosting an event that needs Takedown/Post Event time: click “Yes” next to the question “Does your event require post event or takedown time” and a drop down menu will appear prompting your to select the number of days, hours and minutes required for takedown. 

ERF Step 8

Step 9

If you selected for your event to occur more than once this will be the next screen that you see. If your event only occurs once skip to Step 10 for what to do next.

ERF Step 9

Step 10

Type in your desired location (i.e. UC Classroom, Schine, Edgerton, etc.)

ERF Step 10

*If there is a Red Triangle next to the location that means there is a conflict and something already schedule there. If there is a Green Check Mark that means the space is has no conflicts. 

Step 11

Once you have selected a location and everything is all filled in, Click “Save” and your request will be sent to the office of Student Activities for Event approval and if approved will then be sent to the Student Union for Space approval.

ERF Step 11

*Make sure to check back, by following Steps 1 through 3 and search your event title to see if you were confirmed for space*

If you have any problems or questions regarding 25 Live ERF, contact Allie Dubose in the Student Union either by email at or by phone at 203-371-7913.