Advertising Your Event

After all of your hard work in preparing for your event, now comes the fun part in getting the word out to the campus! Listed below are the ways you can advertise and how to go about using these methods.



  • Print one copy of the 8.5 x 11 and bring it to the Student Life Office (located in Hawley Lounge upstairs to the right) for approval.

  • Once approved, bring the stamped flyer down to the Print Center (located in the Mail Room to the left). Ask them if they could make 4 copies for you and to charge Student Activities. We will get the bill and change the club accounts. There are 4 assigned bulletin boards in the main hallway of campus designated for such advertisements.

Clubs are not allowed to advertise on windows, doors, walls, or any other surface in the academic building hallways. If you wish to advertise in the Residence Halls, you must contact the hall director of that building to confirm that you can hang up your flyers. Flyers must be taken down within 7 days following the event.

Global Emails

Global emails are to be sent out by your Club Advisor ONLY to the Full Time Undergraduate list. Please keep in mind the frequency of the email when sending out, as to not over load students.

Club Cards

Club cards are usually 4 x 6 cards that are placed around campus on Linda’s, 63’s, HC Lounge, and UC Lobby tables. These do not need to be stamped by the Student Life Office. Please send Paul Donahue from the Print Center an email at with the attached .pdf or .jpeg file, your club/organization name, quantity, and when you will be picking them up.

Please plan accordingly and give the Print Center at least 1 week notice on all jobs. Again, ask them to charge Student Activities and our office will then charge the club accounts.

Glass Case Posters

If interested in reserving one of the 10 display cases in the hallway of the Main Academic Building – please email Student Activities Graduate Assistant at

  • We will confirm if space is available when you are requesting, and will provide you with the dimensions of the poster (24” W x 40” H) so that the poster can be designed to fit properly.
  • Once designed—please send the Graduate Assistant the PDF document via email.
  • We will proof the document, and work directly with the SHU PAD for duplicating.
  • Once enlarged, the Graduate Assistant will hang the poster with 2-3 business days. Posters are mainly hung on Thursdays during the academic year.
  • Once the poster is hung, it will stay up for a maximum of 2 weeks, but minimum of 1 week, depending on demand
  • Poster do not come down easily, and often rip due to the nature that they are hung. If you are requesting to keep the poster after it is hung, we will make every effort to try not to rip the poster, but cannot guarantee it.

Hallway Display Case Map