CCO Policies & Procedures

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What is CCO?

The Council of Clubs and Organizations oversees all of the clubs and organizations that fall under the Student Activities umbrella (media, academic, social, service, and cultural). In order to be a club each organization must meet the following criteria:

1. Clubs are open to ALL Full-Time Undergraduate students at Sacred Heart University

2. Each club must have a membership rate of at least 10 people in order to be recognized as an active club, this can be a combination of executive board members and general members. 

3. All clubs are student-run mean that they operate independently of the Student Activities Office and that the club leaders ultimately decide on the direction of the club. All clubs MUST have an advisor who is a full-time Sacred Heart University faculty or staff member who ensures that all the CCO and University policies are followed by each club. 

Required Events

The Council of Clubs and Organization requires each club and/or club president to attend a minimum of 7 events each semester. Some events are mandatory for the President to attend while others are mandatory for the club to be present at.

These events can be broken down into 6 categories:

  • 1 Involvement Fair (Mandatory for Clubs)
    • Fall: Just SHU It; Spring: SHUvolvement

  • 3 Monthly Presidents Meetings (Mandatory for President)
    • 1 evening each month, dates to be determined at the start of each semester
  • 1 Student Government Event (Mandatory for Clubs)
    • Examples: SHU Hoops Madness, Pack The Pitt, Campus Life Leadership Awards
  • 1 – 2 Open Houses (Mandatory for Clubs)
    • Dates determined by Admissions Office

Active Club Status

Student Activities considers a club “Active” if they have all of the required club documents (listed below) and attend all required events (listed above).

For each academic year each club must completed or have turned in the following:

  • An Executive Board Roster Form
  • A Complete Club Member Roster Form
  • Submitted complete Club Roster into the Online Roster System
  • End of Semester Report
  • The Day, Time, Occurrence  & Location of Club Meetings
  • A current copy of the Club Constitution

In addition, all clubs must maintain the necessary minimum number of members.

Rights of Active Clubs

Clubs who are viewed as “Active” will be able to:

  • Reserve Space for events and club meetings through the 25 Live Event Registration
  • Access Club Funds
  • Request Additional Funding from Student Government
  • Host Events and Club Meetings
  • Order Apparel and Give-A-Way

Things to Talk to CCO Before Proceeding

Ordering Food

  • ALL food orders have to made through Chartwells, unless it is donated to your organization.
  • NO club/organization housed under the Council of Clubs and Organizations can place an order themselves.
  • To order food, contact the Assistant Director of Student Activities: Sara Helfrich at with the order and quantities and she will place the order on your behalf.

Advertising an Event

  • Before having your advisor send out an advertisement for an event or fundraiser ALL flyers must be approved by CCO.
  • Email ALL flyers to the CCO email account at for approval.

Booking Events, Speakers, Musicians, Comedians, Instructors, etc.

  • Before contacting anyone, your club needs to set up a meeting with the Assistant Director of Student Activities: Sara Helfrich at for an appointment at least a MONTH prior to when you want the event to take place. This meeting will determine whether or not your event request can be approved or not.
  • No club/organization has permission to sign any kind of contract. Only the Associate Dean of Students has the authority to sign any and all club/organization contracts. In the event that a contract is signed by a club/organization member, without a approval, it may result in personal financial liability on the part of the person or group of persons who signed the contract.

Ordering Apparel or Promotional/Give-A-Way Items