Multicultural Clubs

Heart of Diversity
The Heart of Diversity club works to create a comfortable and welcoming community for racial and ethnic minorities on this campus. Our main objective is to give members of these minority groups a place where they can speak about their experiences in a safe environment. In addition, we discuss topics of racial importance in society and how they affect members of these communities and even those on the outside.

Italian Club
The purpose of the Italian club is to foster understanding and appreciation of the Italian and Italian-American culture through lecture, social activities, and film. Previous events hosted by the Italian Club, include an Italian Feast, Italian Coffee House and a trip to Little Italy in NYC.

La Hispanidad
This organization gives students interested in Spanish and Latino heritage the opportunity to get together, exchange ideas, and become acquainted with one another.  Moreover, La Hispanidad helps develop relationships and acts as a liaison with Sacred Heart University and the Spanish Community.

Multicultural Council
The mission of the Multicultural Council is to enhance the experiences of all SHU full-time undergraduate students through council sponsored events each semester and co-sponsored events with various cultural clubs under the Activities.

Muslim Student Awareness | MSA
The goal of this organization is to encourage open discussions about topics relating to the Islam culture, in addition to raising awareness to issues and crises present in that area.