The Spectrum is a student-run weekly newspaper publication. Established in 1983, the Spectrum is one of two print publications on the Sacred Heart University campus. Members of this club have the opportunity to write pieces to be displayed upon the pages of the publication and on the publication’s website.

“The Spectrum has taught me how to gather critical information and how to keep people informed about important events happening at Sacred Heart and in the surrounding communities. Every week brings something different and this organization allows me to work on my writing skills, and think about what is and is not a true news story. Without the Spectrum, I would not have the experience in the field of journalism I need for when I will be applying for postgrad jobs.” - Melanie DaSilva, Class of 2019

For more information or to join, contact:


Joanne Kabak
Adjunct Instructor
Martire Center CMS Office
Tel: 203-371-7755


Victoria Mescall

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