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Allie DeStasio
Allie DeStasio, undergrad senior
nursing student, presents poster
at National Student Nurses’
Association 2016

The Student Nurses Association (SNA) is a national organization designed specifically for nursing students. There is a chapter of SNA to represent nursing students at Sacred Heart University. The SNA board acts as a liaison between students and faculty. The board also organizes events both on and off campus. These events help to promote the development of skills, standards and ethics that are needed to become a responsible member of the nursing professions, which includes membership in one or more professional organizations. Thus, membership and participation in the SNA are required.

Community service is an important part of the SNA and is strongly encouraged. SNA members participate in a number of on and off campus service opportunities including, but not limited to: health fairs, food and clothing drives, Christmas gifts for less fortunate and blood drive.

SNA offers social activities throughout the year for its members ending with a beach end of year party in May. Members attend both local, state, and national conferences. 

Participation in the various SNA events is essential for success, including active support of the yearly fundraisers. In addition there are modest annual dues to help offset the cost of SNA sponsored events.

Additional information about the National Student Nurses Association may be found at

For more information or to join, contact:


Eileen Yost, Ph.D, MSN, NIC-RNC
Assistant Clinical Professor
Tel: 203-365-4886

Heather Ferrillo
Assistant Clinical Professor
Tel: 203-416-3931


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