Biology Club

The Biology Club

The primary mission of The Sacred Heart University (SHU) Biology Club is to increase the awareness of the SHU community concerning how issues related to the science of biology affect their lives. Members of the club further this mission by organizing and participating in events (presentations, speakers, films, etc) that increase awareness of the current biological issues of our time (for example: global warming, emerging infectious disease, stem cell research). In addition, club members: travel to scientific meetings to present and view original research, participate in projects that serve the local community, and travel to locations of biological interest (zoos, nature reserves, research complexes). The Sacred heart University Biology Club is associated with the American Institute of Biological Sciences as an official student chapter and membership is open to all students of the SHU community.

For more information or to join, contact:


Mark Beekey, Ph.D.
Academic Building SC 205E
Tel: 203-371-7783


Max Trudeau