Academic Clubs

Accounting Club
This clubs offers opportunities for students interested in Accounting to explore the different career options available in the corporate world and the Accounting industry as a whole.

American Chemical Society | ACS
The student affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) is very active not only in bringing science to the community, but also in bringing Sacred Heart closer to the chemical community.  We bring science to the community through a project referred to as “The Science Ambassadors.”

American Sign Language Club
This club exposes students to the language and culture of signing. Students have the opportunity to learn how to sign and communicate with each other, as well as gain valuable tools to assist in the community, job industry, and much more.

Art Club
The organization aims to provide students seeking a creative outlet an opportunity to express their talents in a variety of forms while gaining knowledge, support and instruction.

Biology Club
This club works toward educating the Student Body about the many advancements in the field of biology. This education also applies to club members, as the Biology Club gives members a chance to discuss relevant topics with other students and faculty.

Business Administration Club
The Business Administration Club gives SHU students the opportunity to increase their knowledge of the business field. Majors and non-majors are welcome to join.

Education Club
The Education Club works to provide all students with hands-on learning opportunities through organized lectures, workshops and volunteer opportunities. The Education Club helps facilitate a community-based learning environment to prepare members for their future in education and teaching. All students are encouraged to join, regardless of their academic program.

English Club
The English Club is committed to fulfilling students' interests in fine literature.  The Club facilitates academic discussion, and helps to bring the Classics to all SHU students.  This club is open to all students, not just English majors.

Exercise Science Club
The Exercise Science Club promotes physical activity and cardiovascular & musculoskeletal fitness. They also encourage the SHU community to engage in general fitness and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fashion Club
This club provides students the opportunity to learn, discover, create, and expand on today's fashion in respect to trends, budget, manufacturing, merchandising, designing, and any other factions of the fashion industry.

Finance and Economics Club
The Finance and Economics Club provides support for all Finance and Economics majors.  They work to give all students academic support, as well as work to increase their awareness of societal issues pertaining to Finance and Economics.

Health Science Club
The Health Science Club promotes healthy living and encourages all students, staff and the greater community to take steps towards improving their health and well-being. The club hosts guest speakers, discussions, community service events and fundraisers that are all aimed towards promoting healthy lifestyles.

History Club
The History Club is for those who are interested in learning more about history. In the past, trips have been planned to Washington D.C. This is not just a club for history majors, but is open to all students.

Marketing Club
The Marketing Club provides a community for students interested in the field of marketing. They work under the American Marketing Association to establish an academic and social environment that provides a practical marketing setting both on and off campus.

Math Club
The Sacred Heart University math club was reconstituted in the spring of 2004 and is open to all students interested in math and science. At its bi-weekly meetings in the past, participants have enjoyed refreshments while watching science films or playing games of logic. Future plans include talks from invited speakers, discussions of career opportunities in mathematics, hosting a campus-wide competition in logic games, and traveling on field-trips to museums and theaters.

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association | NSSLHA
The NSSLHA encourages professional interest among college and university students in the study of human communication and disorders, provides continuity to the dissemination of professional information and provides a vehicle for student representation in matters of professional concern.

Philosophy/Religious Studies/Theology Club
A mutual, open forum in which members can meet and interact with professors on a peer basis to discuss the subjects of Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology.

Pre-Occupational Therapy Club
This club's purpose is to provide Pre-OT students with information on the graduate program, volunteer opportunities, and to set up mentorships. They strive to provide support to all of their students.

Pre-Law ClubThe purpose of the Pre-Law club is to promote the virtues of a career in law and elevate the awareness of legal issues on the campus of Sacred Heart University. It also assists students interested in pursing a career law prepare for exams and provide networking opportunities.

Pre-Physical Therapy Club
The association's aim is to provide Pre-PT students with information on the graduate program, volunteer opportunities and to set up a mentorship with graduate level students.

Pre-Physicians Assistant Club | Pre-PA
The Pre-PA club helps students learn more about the occupation, interact with current physicians assistants and prepares them for exams and other requirements for physicians assistant schools.

Psychology Club
The purpose of the Psychology Club is for the academic and social enrichment of club members through extracurricular activities and community service.  Also, the club provides a forum for discussion of psychological issues.

Public Relations Club
The organization aims to enhance students' access to professional development opportunities by offering them a variety of skill-building workshops and lectures.

S.M.I.L.E. | The Geriatrics Club
S.M.I.L.E. is to promote intergenerational understanding and respect. Members will collaborate in educational and service projects to combat the negative prevailing stereotypes of older adults as well as enrich the lives of elders in the local community.

Social Work Club
The club focuses on mentoring fellow students and conducting community service activities. The club interacts with the professional social work community through a variety of speakers and events that deepens the understanding of the profession. Membership in the club is not limited to Social Work students only.

Sports Management Club
Sports Management Enterprise is a club designed for students that are passionate about sports. This club sponsors a number of events, such as speakers, and provides opportunities for members to volunteer within the community.

Sports Media Club
The club regularly invites guest speakers from the industry to campus and organizes field trips to local studios and stadiums so students can explore the sports media industry from being on camera to behind the scenes work.

Student Athletic Training Organization | SATO
SATO was established to aid students that are interested in a career in athletic training. The club educates its members by holding workshops and reviewing current procedures in accordance with the National Athletic Trainers Association.

Student Nurses Association | SNA
The SNA is composed of undergraduates enrolled in the SHU Nursing Program and is an affiliate with the National Student Nurses Association.  The purpose of the SNA is to promote professional development and awareness among all students preparing to be professional registered nurses.