Sportsmanship Rating

Each team will receive a sportsmanship rating from the official(s) and/or field supervisor at the conclusion of the game.

4 pts (Excellent) — given to a team which demonstrates good sportsmanship and maintains an excellent attitude of complete cooperation. Full and complete support of the officials.

3 pts (Above Average) — given to a team when there is no incident of poor sportsmanship. Respect shown for opponents and officials.

2 pts (Average) — given to a team when unsportsmanlike conduct is not present in the game except for rare minor infractions. Poor behavior limited to individual/s, not to the entire team.

1 pts (Below Average) — given to a team if players, other than the captain, persist in questioning officials' decisions; and/or they repeatedly argue with the officials. For frequent use of profane or vulgar language. If spectators, clearly related to the team, fail to cooperate with the officials and the team is not supportive of the officials' efforts.

0 pts (Poor) — given to a team when a player is ejected and the team does not assist the officials in removing the player from the area. If players disregard warning of unnecessary roughness, unsportsmanlike conduct, abusive language or action, etc. If the team refuses to attempt to control their fans after a request to do so from the IM supervisor.

A team that defaults will receive a 4.

A team that forfeits will receive a 0.