Fall Semester - Indoor Soccer & SHU Cup

Played inside the Pitt Center. Teams are mixed, unless there are enough teams of either gender to create two separate leagues. SHU Cup is a soccer tournament held on the turf. Teams must be co-ed with at least two females (or 2 males) on the field at all times. Games are played 7v7 (including the goalie). 


Year League Team
2017 Indoor Average Joes
2016 Indoor Bayer Neverlosen
2015 Indoor NodOffs
2014 Indoor One Touchables
2013 SHU Cup Daley's Team
2013 Indoor Kappa Sigma
2012 SHU Cup T. Nation
2012 Indoor Team Monica
2011 SHU Cup Team Lovies
2011 Indoor Prestige Worldwide
2010 Indoor Veritas
2009 SHU Cup FBGM
2009 Indoor League Internationals
2008 SHU Cup Bandits
2008 Indoor Internationals
2007 SHU Cup GFY

Spring Semester

All soccer games are played on the turf. The league consists of two 20-minute halves and is played 5v5, plus a goalie. There are two tournaments, one co-ed and one women's, and are 15 minute halves.  


Year League Team
2017 Co-Ed League TRS
2016 Co-Ed League Slammers
2015 Co-Ed League Joga Bonita
2014 Co-Ed League Joga Bonita
2013 Co-Ed League Joga Bonita
2012 Mixed League Team Lovies
2012 Co-Ed Tournament Team Lovies
2011 Spring Delta Tau Delta
2010 Spring 5 Star
2009 Spring Monday/Wednesday Internationals
2009 Spring Sunday Greggie vs. Ballstars
2008 Spring Internationals
2007 Spring Negrodrama