Floor Hockey Rules

General Information

  • No Division I ice hockey or field hockey players are eligible.
  • ID-Roster checks may be conducted at anytime.
  • Players may use their own sticks or use the IM sticks.
  • Goalies are required to wear the provided helmet with facemask; they may wear their own protective gear.
  • Protective gear is strongly suggested for all players.


  • 4 players on the floor, plus a goalie.
  • Three 12-minute running time periods will be played with no time outs allowed.
  • Ties will stand
  • Game begins with a face off at centerline and resume there after each goal.
  • A face off is called when ball is out of play, thrown or caught by any player other than goalie. Official will drop ball during face offs.
  • Ball may be stopped by hand, but not held, passed or advanced by hand.
  • A player may advance ball with their feet, but MAY NOT kick it directly into net to score.
  • A ball CANNOT be thrown into the goal to score.
  • Free substitutions.


With four minutes remaining in the third period, the mercy rule will be in effect. At any point during this time, if one team has at least a 10 goal lead on their opponent, the game may be called.

Penalties with 1-minute first offense and two minutes for repeat violations

  • HIGH STICKING: anytime the stick is raised above normal waist height.
  • SLASHING: intentional or unintentional hitting with stick.
  • INTERFERENCE AND CHARGING: anytime opposing player pushes a player out of position.
  • ELBOWING: using one's elbow to hit an opponent
  • CROSS CHECKING: use of stick to push opponent out of the way
  • TRIPPING AND HOOKING: use of stick to trip or hold back an opponent from playing the ball

Penalties of Unsportsmanlike conduct

  • Immediate removal from game and/or game suspensions.
  • Fighting: permanent suspension of player.

  • Floor Hockey Rules

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