Flag Football Rules

To Start 

  • Game time is forfeit time
  • All participants are required to complete a waiver of liability form prior to playing in any games
  • No kick offs or throws

Mercy Rule

  • The officials may call the game with 5 minutes to go if one team is ahead by 4 touchdowns

The Basics

  • 7v7 (minimum of 5 to start the game)
  • 20 minute halves
  • Running clock (except the last 2 minutes of the game)
  • 2 Timeouts per half for each team
  • The offensive team has 20 seconds to put the ball in play after referee signals "ready for play"
  • Only one foot needs to touch in bounds for pass completion

Series of Downs

  • Two first downs allowed
  • Four downs to advance the ball to the next zone


  • The flag must cross into the end zone for a touchdown
  • Touchdown = 6 points
  • Female touchdown = 8 points
  • After a touchdown, teams have the option to take one extra point or go for 2 points

Safety and Touchbacks

  • A fumbled ball by an offensive team in their end zone constitutes a safety
  • Following a safety, the ball shall be placed on a designated line of the team credited with the safety


  • Stripping
  • Roughing the passer
  • Guarding the flag belt
  • Holding
  • Tackling
  • Stiff arms above the shoulders

Tie Games

  • Teams will have 4 downs to score
  • After team A scores, team B then has 4 downs to score
  • If no team has scored after their respective plays, the process is repeated
  • Interceptions may be run down field for a touchdown
  • After an interception, the now offensive team begins their series where the carrier is deflagged
  • Penalties are assessed similar to the regular game
  • A team shall be given a new series of 4 plays when an automatic first down penalty occurs

Ties Going Into Playoffs

  • All teams making it to the playoffs will be seeded according to:
  1. Best overall score
  2. Head to head competition
  3. Points for
  4. Points against
  5. Forfeits and poor Sportsmanship Ratings will be taken into account and could eliminate or drop a team to a lower seeding

Play stops when

  • a player is deflagged
  • the carrier's's knee touches the turf
  • fumble
  • officials' whistle
  • ball hits the ground
  • If a team intercepts a pass in the end zone and does not advance the ball out of the end zone it is a touchback and is put in play on a designated line of scrimmage

  • Flag Football Rules

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