5 v. 5 Basketball Rules


  • Minimum of four (4) players to start the game.
  • Team members must be listed on the team roster. 
  • Rosters are final at the completion of regular season. 
  • Participants may only play on one team.
  • Only 2 SHU basketball club members are allowed on one team.
  • SHU men’s and women’s basketball players are ineligible to play.

Length of Game:

  • Two (2) twenty-minute halves and one (1) two-minute halftime.
  • Running clock for the first 38-minutes of play.  The clock will stop in the last two minutes of the second half for dead ball situations.
  • Teams get two (2) one-minute timeouts (clock will stop).
  • All jump balls, after the first tip of the game, will be determined by using an alternating possession arrow.

Mercy Rule
With ten minutes remaining in the game, mercy rule can be used if one team is ahead by 30 or more points.


  • 3 minute overtime period. 
  • The clock will stop for dead ball situations.
  • One additional timeout.
  • All fouls carry over from the second period.


  • After one (1) forfeit, that team loses its forfeit fee. 
  • If the captains meeting is not attended by a team representative, that team loses its forfeit fee. 
  • Multiple forfeits and cancelations may result in a team being dropped from the league and/or not making the playoffs. 

Team Shirts:

It would be helpful if:

  • teams wear common colored shirts
  • teams have numbered jerseys


  • 7th team foul = 1 and 1
  • 10th team foul = two free throws

Flagrant, Intentional, and Technical Fouls:

Multiple intentional or technical fouls may result in a forfeit.

All flagrant, intentional and technical fouls will result in two foul shots by any player on the opposing team that is currently on the court, possession of the ball at half court and possible ejection.

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