Student Ambassadors

Sacred Heart University Student Ambassadors is an organization of students that facilitate tours to prospective students and their families. Student Ambassadors have the unique job of promoting SHU through their passion for the university by inspiring others to be apart of the school community by enrolling for admission. The Student Ambassador will be trained with the knowledge and skills to give an efficient tour and key selling points of the university. The ambassadors are a direct representative of the school so many of the students and their families look up to them for information about the school and their own personal experiences. Student Ambassadors conduct tours daily, facilitate Open Houses, Pioneer for a Day, Special Group Tours and Junior Day.

Why should you join?

  • You will be apart of an amazing team of dedicated students who become like family and commit their time to encourage prospective students to be apart of the university
  • You get to know the ambassadors through large group meetings, holiday gatherings, special events, fundraising and through tours
  • You meet hundreds of prospective students and have a great influence on their decision to enroll in colleges
  • You are representing your university
  • Seeing prospective students that you have toured become apart of the SHU community the following semester/year
  • Share your own personal experience
  • You make tons of new friends of all age
  • It's an experience of a lifetime!

Meet the Ambassadors