Transfer Credit Evaluation


Sacred Heart University has a very liberal credit transfer policy. A maximum of sixty-six (66) credits may be applied to a baccalaureate degree from a two-year college and a maximum of ninety (90) credits may be applied from a four-year college or university. The overall number of courses needed for a degree may exceed 120 credits.

If you’ve already earned 60 credits or more at another institution, we will waive our foundational core. CIT 202 Seminar will not be waived.

We will accept all credits of an associate degree (less than 66 total credits) provided that courses carry a grade of C or higher. We reserve the right to require students to repeat courses if it is deemed necessary. If there is a discrepancy with how a course transfers, a syllabus must be submitted in order to re-review the course.

International Transfer students with college credits from an institution outside of the United States are asked to provide copies of the WES evaluation in order to determine the most appropriate transfer credit to your program at SHU. Most international credits will transfer in as elective courses unless a course syllabus/description is provided in English. If such material is translated, it needs to be completed by an official translator.

Evaluation of courses is based on several factors:

  • Courses are compared as they relate in depth and content to those offered at SHU
  • Courses with grades lower than C will not transfer
  • Courses must have been taken at an accredited institution
  • Courses deemed remedial and Physical Education or English as a Second Language courses shall not be given credit

Your credit evaluation will be completed by our Registrar’s Office after you are accepted to the University and will be either mailed or emailed to you once completed. These credits will be put on your official transcript at Sacred Heart once all official college transcripts have been received and you have registered for classes at Sacred Heart.