Tips for Transfers

Make it a smooth process

Transferring into SHU? See below for some quick tips on how to make it a smooth process:

  • Be sure you've sent us official high school transcripts, college transcripts, and AP scores (if applicable) by the beginning of your first semester.
  • Bring copies of all post-secondary academic transcripts and final grades with you when you arrive at course registration... this will expedite your registration process.
  • If you have over 24 credits and feel confident doing so, consider declaring a major; you can then meet with an academic advisor from that major who will facilitate your cross registration.
  • Get connected with all SHU has to offer such as academic and career resources, clubs & organizations, and most importantly, your peers!
  • Keep a positive attitude and don't be afraid to ask for help along the way.

Here are some tips from our currently enrolled transfer students:

"Get involved on campus. For example, join a club. It's nice because at Sacred Heart there are both clubs for your major or just fun clubs such as Ballroom Dancing. It's important to have a balance of fun and school work at college. Also, you could join a sports team. I've never ran Cross Country before and the coach welcomed me with open arms! I met a lot of friends and it's nice to be part of a group."

"There are so many ways that a student can get involved on campus. It's too easy! Check emails because there is always something to do around here. When you join something on campus it's easy to make new friends. Don't try to get involved in everything though. Remember you are here for school and of course to have fun!"

"Learn how to use the shuttle or if you have a car get to know the area. There is so much to do around here. I go to the moves a lot and you can get tickets for only $7 at Student Activities. There is also a big mall not even five minutes from campus and there are a lot of nice restaurants close by."

"Use the Library!! It's there to help you! There are plenty of tutors and reference librarians who are willing to help you. Also, if you need extra help there are CLAs (Classroom Learning Assistants) who are students who have taken the course before and have excelled in it."

"Use the gym. It has nice equipment and keeps you in great shape!"