Home School Policy

Applications are welcomed at Sacred Heart University from home schooled students. The University recognizes that students from varied academic backgrounds bring many gifts to all of our students and faculty, which will enhance our learning community. The information that follows describes our policy regarding the admission of home schooled students who wish to apply to Sacred Heart University. Home schooled students follow the same application process as traditional students (admissions application, $50 application fee, SAT/ACT scores) with the following exceptions: 

  • Transcripts from a home school agency (if applicable)
  • Literature describing the home school agency you are affiliated with (if applicable) 
  • A portfolio of academic accomplishments including: a reading list, examples of academic research, a list of extracurricular activities (community service, athletic participation, clubs and organizations) 
  • Please indicate on your admissions application whether your home schooled experience was correspondence-school based, parent/student designed, unschooled/non-curriculum based or a combination
  • Letters of recommendation may be written by parent(s) – Please omit submitting the “Counselor Recommendation Form” included with the application. 
  • Official college transcripts (if applicable)

We also strongly advise students to schedule a personal interview and campus tour to determine that Sacred Heart University is a good fit for the student both academically and with respect to student life. The student would have the opportunity to meet with an Admissions Counselor and have all of his/her questions answered as well as have the opportunity to learn about the University's academic and student life programs.

For questions regarding our Home School policy, contact:

Kevin O'Sullivan
Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Tel: 203-365-7560