Cost of Education

Sacred Heart University's cost of education includes allowances for tuition, living expenses, books and supplies, transportation and miscellaneous expenses. These figures are calculated averages based on regional student data and detailed information collected about SHU students. Your actual expenses may vary according to personal lifestyle priorities and obligations. 

When planning for the cost of education you should differentiate and plan for both direct and indirect costs.

Direct Costs

Includes tuition and fees and those charges billed to you by the University Student Accounts Office. The tuition amount used to determine financial aid eligibility is calculated based on the estimate that you provide on the Undergraduate Part-Time Confidential Information Form of your enrollment status (half-time 6-8 credits, three-quarter time 9-11 credits, or full-time 12+ credits). Please report any changes to your enrollment to the Office of Student Financial Assistance immediately as your award may require an adjustment. Failure to do so may delay the disbursement of financial aid funds to your account and you may be responsible to repay the U.S. Department of Education, your lender, or the University.

Please refer to the Student Accounts website or contact them at 203-371-7925 for more information regarding direct costs and payment plan options

Indirect Costs

Includes books and supplies, transportation, child care, personal miscellaneous and off-campus living expenses; these are not direct charges from the University and may vary from student to student. 

We will budget approximately $150 for books and supplies per 3-credit class. Costs for transportation and other miscellaneous expenses will be budgeted approximately $200 per 3-credit class. Off-campus living expenses will be budgeted from $200-$1,200 per 3-credit class depending upon if you are living with parents or independently.