Disciplinary Guidance

If you are dissatisfied with a GA’s performance, discuss your concerns with them, issue a verbal or written warning, and specify a period of time in which you expect them to improve. Each warning should list specific problems and the adequate solutions. In addition, the GA should be allowed the opportunity to improve their work practices.

  1. A verbal warning should be documented by the supervisor in writing and it should be signed by the hiring supervisor and GA. Save a copy of this correspondence for your records.
  2. A written warning should list specific problems, adequate solutions, and the ways in which the student has failed to improve since the previous verbal warning. Issue the student a specific timeframe in which to improve. Save a copy of this correspondence for your records.
  3. If the student still does not improve after two warnings, you are free to terminate the student. He or she must be notified in clear terms that the position is no longer available to them and reminded of the reasons why.

Termination or Resignation

If a GA is unable to meet your expectations, the GA may be terminated after proper documentation and communication with the GA. If your GA resigns or is terminated the supervisor must notify SFA via email with the date employment ended and directions on how to proceed with compensation. Supervisors can pro-rate compensation or remove compensation completely from the account at the time of termination or resignation within the semester.