Cost of Education Worksheet

Determine your approximate cost below. The following estimated costs are for the full 2018-2019 academic year.

2018-2019 Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition and Fees:


Charges for On-Campus Housing:
Resident Students Only


Meal Plan:
Based on the Big Red plan, which is required for all first-year resident students.


Total Charges for 2018-2019 
Direct charges which the University will bill the student.


Deduct: Financial Assistance scholarships and grants. To determine the total amount you should deduct, add together similar awards on your letter, for example: Trustee Scholarships, Pell Grants, SHU Grant-in-Aid and SEOG. DO NOT INCLUDE WORK STUDY!

Minus $__________

Deduct: The amount of Stafford Loan(s) you intend to borrow. For example, the maximum amount a first-year student can borrow is $5,500 less 1.066% Orgination Fees. In other words, $5,441.37 in loan proceeds can be applied to direct charges.


Minus $__________

Deduct: Other payments. For example, a $1,500 deposit is required for all incoming residential students. ($150 is held as a housing damage deposit and $1,350 is applied to the Fall semester bill.)

Minus $__________

The estimated amount I have to directly pay for the 2018-2019 Academic Year.


Payment Plan: With the University's deferred payment plans you can easily budget the remaining cost in 10 monthly payments. A participation fee will be assessed each semester.

$________/per month

(estimated amount to pay the University divided by 10 months)