Full-Time to Part-Time Students

When students change their registration status from Full-Time to Part-Time, their budget is adjusted to reflect the FT-to-PT Cost of Attendance; institutional aid will be prorated if aid does not fit within Cost of Attendance. Please note that for programs such as the federal PELL Grant - which is based on financial need and course load - this registration change may affect award amounts.

Federal Aid

  • If eligible, may keep: PELL Grant, Stafford Loan(s)
  • Ineligible, may not keep: Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), Federal Work Study 

State Aid

  • May keep if eligible.

Institutional Aid

  • Will be prorated if aid does not fit within Cost of Attendance
  • If eligible, may keep: SHU Family Discount, Performing Arts Participation Grant, and other Need-Based aid  
  • Ineligible, may not keep: Merit Scholarships, Endowed Scholarships, Institutional Work Study 

Athletic Aid

  • May keep if eligible and in accordance with NCAA rules. 

For tuition & fees information, visit Student Accounts.

Although FT-to-PT students may not participate in Work Study, they may apply for non-work study positions through Student Employment.