Minor in Computer Engineering

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Group of students in Computer Engineering class 

What will I study?

Your coursework begins by building a strong foundation of programming skills and fundamentals of engineering design concepts. Then, you’ll learn the basics of hardware including analog and digital circuits, computer architectures, signal processing, and embedded systems.

Curriculum (20 credits)

  • ENGR 101 Engineering Explorations I (1 credit)
  • ENGR 102 Engineering Explorations II (1 credit)
  • CS 110 Introduction to Computer Science (may be waived)
  • CS 111 Introduction to Structured Programming
  • CS 113 Discrete Structures
  • CPE 211 Circuits and Electronics with Lab
  • CPE 212 Digital Design with Lab
  • 2 from below:
    • CPE 311 Computer Architecture and Design with Lab
    • CPE 313 Systems and Signal Processing with Lab
    • CPE 324 Embedded Systems with Lab

Is a minor in computer engineering right for me?

Do you like microcontrollers and how they operate? Would you be interested in programming your own circuits and systems? Then this minor is good for you. Minoring in computer engineering is a great way to round out your education with highly sought after computer hardware skills. CS majors would only have to add 14 credits to their majors for the minor in computer engineering.

When should I declare a minor?

By the end of your freshman year, since it takes a minimum of 4 semesters to complete the required courses. Please talk with your advisor before declaring a minor.