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MSCSIT - Information Technology Track

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Computer Science ClassImpact the Future of Technology and Business 

Learn to master the latest technological advances to help businesses, schools and organizations operate with modern efficiency.

Concentrate Your MSCSIT in Information Technology   

The exponential growth of the Internet and accompanying technologies have transformed business forever. The innovative Information Technology concentration is designed to prepare you for the dynamics of today’s data- and technology-focused workplace. 

Sacred Heart University’s Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (MSCSIT) degree prepares individuals for leadership roles in the IT industry. The IT program provides a realistic balance between foundational theory and applied hands-on technical courses. Core classes include courses in the following areas: Data Structures, Database Design, Programming Languages, .NET, Networking, Information Analysis and System Design. Electives include Network Security, Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Advanced Computer Gaming, Mobile Application Development, Data Warehousing, Web Development and Cloud Computing.

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Multiple career paths await you. 

Information Technology is a booming field. Graduates with an MSCSIT focused on Information Technology can enjoy careers such as: 

  • Cloud Architect
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Information Technology Consultant
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  • Software Applications Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer 


  • Minimum of 36 credit hours of graduate-level coursework
  • Additional 6 hours of prerequisite coursework may be required
  • Students with an undergraduate degree in Computer of Information Science may receive waivers for some courses
  • Course waivers are not granted for work experience 

Prerequisite Courses (if required)

  • CS 500 Introduction to Structured Programming 
  • CS 501 Introduction to Data Structures 

Required Courses | 27 credits

All courses have Data Structures prerequisite. All courses are 3 credits.

  • CS 551 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using Java 3 CR
  • CS 552 Windows Interface Design (VB.NET) 3 CR
  • CS 553 Web Design with JavaScript 3 CR
  • CS 554 Multimedia Design 3 CR
  • CS 601 Computer Systems and Assembly Language 3 CR
  • CS 603 Advanced Database Design (Oracle) 3 CR
  • CS 620 Information Analysis and Systems Design 3 CR
  • CS 621 Principles of Data Communications 3 CR
  • CS 670 Research Project Seminar 3 CR

Elective Courses | 9 credits

The following is a partial list of electives. A maximum of six credits can be an MBA (MGT) offering. It is at the discretion of the academic program director to approve any other CS or MBA course as an appropriate elective. All courses are 3 credits.

  • MGT 651 Management of Global Telecommunications 3 CR
  • MGT 652 Project/Program Management 3 CR
  • CS 550 Dynamic Web Page Development 3 CR
  • CS 557 Web Programming with ASP 3 CR
  • CS 560 Networking Applications (with Windows NT) 3 CR
  • CS 563 Animation for the Web 3 CR
  • CS 571 Advanced Computer Gaming 3 CR
  • CS 572 OOP with C# and Games 3 CR
  • CS 573 Advanced C#-Based Game Programming 3 CR
  • CS 611 Operating Systems (prerequisite: Knowledge of C) 3 CR
  • CS 622 Network Security 3 CR
  • CS 623 Advanced Network Security 3 CR
  • CS 624 Hands-On Network Security 3 CR
  • CS 625 Cryptography 3 CR
  • CS 631 Data Warehousing 3 CR
  • CS 632 Advanced Database Topics 3 CR
  • CS 633 Advanced Database Programming 3 CR

Make your mark in Information Technology. Apply for your Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology today.