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IT & Network Security

12-18 Credits

Our country and, in fact, the entire world have become increasingly dependent on information technology as a means of staying competitive in business, industry, the arts and commerce of all types.Education, Electronic Commerce, and the Defense Department are all areas that utilize technology on an exponentially expanding level with each passing year.But this dependence on and utilization of technology are accompanied by a growing risk of security issues that must be addressed if we are to thrive and survive in a technology-driven world.

Inadequate security practices have left corporations vulnerable to a number of illegal activities such as computer fraud, telecommunications abuse, and unauthorized disclosure, modification, and destruction of information.National security has been and will continue to be threatened unless corporations and the government on all levels are able to affect and maintain sufficient computer security.

The certificate Program in IT and Network Security is designed to provide individuals with introductory networking, ethical and security skills to effectively address the areas of concern mentioned above.The courses in the certificate program will:

  • Provide an overview of networking protocols and how they can be secured;
  • Introduce the individual to an array of social and ethical issues that are incumbent upon those in providing security; and
  • Provide the individual with an introduction to computer programming, as it will relate to the maintenance of security protocols.

Prerequisite Courses | 6 credits

  • CS 504 Introduction to Programming Using Scripting     3 CR
  • CS 504 Computer Networks    3 CR

Required Courses | 9 credits

  • CS 560 Networking Apps Windows NT
  • CS 621 Principles of Data Communication     3 CR
  • CS 622 Network Security I     3 CR

Electives | 3 credits

Choose one of the following:

  • CS 625 Cryptography     3 CR
  • CS 626 Intro to Cyber Security    3 CR

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