Frances Grodzinsky, Ph.D.

Frances Grodzinsky, Ph.D.

Dr. Grodzinky's teaching focus includes Computer Ethics, Software Engineering, Systems Analysis and Design, Networking, and Human Computer Interaction. Her  research focuses on issues related to society and technology. She has presented internationally on topics such as autonomous agency, open source, privacy, intellectual property and the responsibility of software developers.  Dr. Grodzinsky joined the Sacred Heart University faculty in 1985 and became Professor Emerita in 2018

Degrees and Certifications

    • Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1980
    • MCIS, University of New Haven, 1986
    • MA, University of Illinois, 1969
    • AB, University of Rochester, 1967

Teaching Responsibilities

    I have taught the following courses at Sacred Heart University:

    • Introduction to Data Processing
    • COBOL
    • Introduction to Computer Science
    • Advanced COBOL
    • Microcomputer Software
    • Systems Analysis & Design
    • Data Base Design
    • Computer Systems
    • Software Engineering
    • Computer Ethics
    • Advanced Programming Languages (C)
    • Human Computer Interaction
    • Structure of Programming Languages/Compilers (Forth, C++ and Scheme)
    • Data Communication and Systems Networking
    • Senior Project Course

Awards and Fellowships

    • 2009: Faculty Excellence Award University College.
    • 2000-2016:  Visiting Scholar in Computer Ethics, Research Center on Computing and Society, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT.
    • 2007: Faculty Scholarship Award, Sacred Heart University
    • 1999: Visiting Scholar in Computer Ethics, Swinbourne University, Melbourne, Australia.
    • 1999: “The Practitioner from Within: Revisiting the Virtues” one of five papers selected from CEPE Conference in London to be published in SIGCAS Journal of Computers and Society in March.
    • 1998: “Equity of Access:  Adaptive Technology” one of ten papers selected out of Ethicomp Conference to be published in a new journal of technology and ethics.
    • 1996: President’s Award  Best Presentation at Conference Ethics In the International Business Environment, London, March 1996.
    • 1996: Citation for Service to Cultural Affairs Commission, Mayor of New Haven
    • 1994: Faculty Scholarship Award, Sacred Heart University.
    • 1990: University Research and Creativity Grant for The Anatomy of Programming Languages
    • 1990: City‑wide Parent/Teacher/Student Organization Award New Haven, CT. Recognition of service to Wilbur Cross High School
    • 2018: Professor Emerita at Sacred Heart University

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