Taking Online Courses

The Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) at Sacred Heart University supports Faculty and Students in the application and the use of educational technologies as tools of instruction both in the classroom and at a distance.

The OIT:

  • Provides a campus resource for instructional technology integration, instructional design for onsite and online learning, and professional development for faculty members seeking support.
  • Sponsors workshops and one-on-one consultation services addressing technology integration , planning, course design and development of innovative electronic learning resources.
  • Provides administration for the online learning management system and other web-enhanced course offerings
  • Provides student support for online course offerings.
  • Researches and disseminates new instructional technologies and teaching strategies which enhance learning outcomes through the integration of technology.

Please contact the Office of Instructional Technology at 203-365-4799 if you have any questions regarding the logistics of taking an online course.