John Moriarty Institute for Ecology and Spirituality


About the John Moriarty Institute
for Ecology and Spirituality


Sacred Heart University has established the Institute to act as a trustee of the legacy of John Moriarty, and be a steward of his goals for Sli na Firinne, which was a special school for thinking deeply about the rootedness of humanity in nature and the responsibility to preserve divine creation as our human home. The Institute is housed at the SHU in Dingle campus, Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland and will have some activities on its main Fairfield, Connecticut campus as well.

John Moriarty is one of the most significant Irish philosophers of the twentieth century, and his ideas have become guideposts to life-long learning and a concern for humanity and the environment. The manifest richness of his thinking is best understood in the context of its wide ecumenicity. His insights are as germane for people of traditional beliefs as they are for earnest spiritual questers detached from conventional religious identities. Climate change, social and political upheaval, relentless challenges to our received anthropological understanding, and spiritual ennui demand serious attention, and John Moriarty’s mastery of the scientia cordis enables him to respond to these myriad questions in creative and fearless ways. His legacy must be preserved and passed on, and one of the best means is to establish an innovative Institute under the care of Sacred Heart University.

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“Our world doesn’t environ us. It is in us and we are in it.” ~John Moriarty


The mission of The John Moriarty Institute for Ecology and Spirituality is to understand and consider the richness and wonder of the natural environment, and to promote a deeper reflection on human spirituality as an important and necessary element for a flourishing life of meaning and purpose.