TranSigma Partners

TranSigma PartnersOrganization Description:  

TranSigma Partners is a global management consulting firm that provides process-oriented business solutions (LEAN Six Sigma, PMO, Project Management) to large multinational companies. Often the company is asked to facilitate vendor selection processes. It uses an Excel-based tool and TranSigma methodology to do so.

Currently, there are no viable SaaS tools on the market that leverage the combined input of others who have performed similar vendor analyses.

Project Summary and Scope:

The company would like to develop and release a subscriber-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) “crowd-sourcing” web product that focuses on the vendor selection process. This product will be somewhat based on an Excel-based tool and approach currently used by TranSigma professionals.

At various subscription levels, an enterprise/user can upgrade from using the tool with no data, to utilizing data available from the combined user base.  Additionally, a user may be able to leverage analyses from companies based on demographic criteria.

This effort may be multi-generational, generally following a product life cycle from idea to market.

It will include:

Business Planning, Market Analysis, Marketing Plans, Prototype, Design, Production Development, Testing, and possibly Operations (once released)

Deliverables within semester segments:

  • Market Analysis              Dec 2014
  • Functional Prototype      Dec 2014
  • Business Plan                 Dec 2015
  • Functional 1.0 Product    Jun 2015