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Sacred Heart University
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Project Summary and Scope: Project 1

The examination of Telecom Data to identify new services. How do we use the data we have access to as a Telecom carrier and integrate those elements together based on the current services with the goal of expanding into new services?

The major objectives of this case study are to develop specific strategies and an action plan to get engaged in mining the vast amount of data which we currently have for each customer or collect additional data to provide new products or services.  Another objective is to maintain confidentiality of the sensitive customer data.  Quickcomm welcomes valuable inputs from the individuals outside the industry who have a fresh perspective, are broad-thinking, and are comfortable and familiar with technology.

As part of the Big Data initiative, 3 main benefits have been identified for this project:

  • Business Growth – aggregating the data for business analysis and growth
  • Business Operations – utilizing the data to seek and build internal efficiencies and operational support
  • Client Satisfaction – utilizing the data to provide added value and upsell services to clients

Project Description and Deliverables:    

The goal of this project is to upsell new services to clients by utilizing existing and possible new data, ultimately providing added business intelligence value, client satisfaction and a competitive advantage.


Create a new product or service offering once the data is aggregated into our system.

Project Summary and Scope: Project 2

The examination of Telecom Data to identify new services. 2013 is the year that Mobility Data has exceeded Mobility Voice usage.  There are trends showing new generation phone users are heading in this direction.  Review our Auditing and other services with respect to how we are dealing with voice mobile services.  Will the trend affect our service offerings and company’s resources?

The WCOB Team will provide consultative analysis of the current service offerings to ensure Quickcomm's portfolio is adequately prepared for the ascendancy of data focused mobile communications.

Possible deliverables could be:

  1. General insight into Quickcomm's global Telecom Expense Management portfolio, as it pertains to increasing levels of mobile data usage.
  2. Recommendations to add, remove, or modify existing service offerings in an effort to better capitalize on mobile data usage.
  3. Operational improvements that would leverage mobile data’s rise to reduce resource requirements in existing processes.

Project Description and Deliverables:    

The Goal of this project is to determine how the trends in mobility data and voice usage affect our business model and offerings.


A full analysis of the work our company provides related to Mobile Voice services. A recommendation if we are on the right track or if we need to change gears or functional makeup.  What does the future of business look like with the younger generation being a larger part of the workforce in coming years.