How to Become a Corporate Partner

Requirements to Become a Corporate/Community Partner

Students and Teacher in ClassroomFor a successful project, the following requirements are recommended for participation: 

  • Complete and submit the online Application for Participating Firms.

  • Complete and submit a W-9 Form.

  • The project assignment is approved by the WCOB PBL Committee as appropriate and can reasonably be completed in the allotted project time (usually one semester). Approval of projects will depend, in part, on the client willingness and ability to provide complete information, including sufficient financial data, as well as fund potential out of pocket expenses for items such as marketing databases. All information will be kept confidential.

  • The client must meet with students at least six times to discuss the project in a free and open manner.  Video conferencing is recommended if the participating firm is unable to be present in person.

  • The participating firm will provide feedback to the students after the completion of the project, presentation and final report.

  • Participating firm referrals may come from various local sources.

Types of Participating Firms

The Sacred Heart University Business Incubator will host five types of businesses in the WCOB Incubator. These business types are as follows:

  • Large for profit businesses
  • Non-profit businesses through a partnership with the Center for Non-Profit Management
  • University businesses through a partnership with select SHU campus businesses
  • Local small businesses
  • Entrepreneurial start-ups