James Santomier, Ph.D.

James Santomier, Ph.D.

Professor , Marketing and Sport Management

Dr. Santomier joined the faculty of Sacred Heart University in 1999. Dr. Santomier's areas of study included Sport Management and the Psychosocial Aspects of Physical Activity and Sport. His supporting areas of study were Educational Administration and Educational Psychology. Since 1981, Dr. Santomier has undertaken significant personal study in the areas of management and marketing.

In addition to Sacred Heart University, Dr. Santomier was also a regular Visiting Professor at the University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Germany, where he assisted in developing and implementing a major in Sport and Economy. He was a visiting Professor at the University of Florence, Italy.

Dr. Santomier has held academic positions at the University of New Haven, Hong Kong Institute of Education, New York University, the University of Oregon, and the University of the Pacific. At the University of Oregon, he developed and implemented a three-course sequence in the Sociology of Sport. At New York University, he developed and implemented a master's degree program in Sport and Fitness Management.

Dr. Santomier has consulted with numerous organizations and corporations including Ganduxer Sports S.A., Barcelona, Spain, where he was responsible for project development, design, and management, and marketing for a $40 million sports medicine complex. He directed the Paramount Communications, Inc., Health/ Fitness Center in New York for two years and was a consultant to the Hospital for Joint Diseases. Dr. Santomier has also consulted with Shiseido Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, where he was responsible for conducting market research, developing and implementing corporate health promotion/fitness programs, providing in-service education, and contributing to the development, design, and programming of a new Shiseido owned health/fitness facility.

Other consultancies included International Paper Co., Home Box Office (HBO), Pfizer, Inc., Forbes Magazine, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Xerox, Bristol Myers-Squibb, CBS, Inc., and SBRnet.com. Dr. Santomier's management, consulting, and academic experience have kept him in constant touch with global trends, markets, and important issues in sport management.

Degrees and Certifications

    • BA and MA in Physical Education from Montclair State University
    • Ph.D. in Physical Education from the University of Utah

Teaching Responsibilities

    Dr. Santomier regularly teaches Sport Marketing, Sport Sponsorship, Sport Enterprise Management and Sport New Media. He adheres to the learning paradigm, which is focused on producing learning; to elicit student discovery and construction of knowledge; to create powerful learning environments; to improve the quality of learning; and, to achieve success for diverse students. Here is what students say:

    “He had great enthusiasm about the course and the material. Was a very fun class to be part of!”

    “It taught me about the real life sports business world and how sponsorships are becoming more and more important.”

    “The language that he used helped me learn a lot about new media. There is much more than meets the eye with new media in sports and Professor Santomier helped me learn more about that.”

Publications and Presentations

    Dr. Santomier has published extensively in the areas of sport management, sociology of sport, stress management; and psychosocial aspects of physical activity and sport. His research and publications reflect an interest in the organizational and social psychological dimensions of sport, fitness, and physical education, the management dimensions of sport business, and the integration of new media in sport. He has presented at international and national conferences and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs.

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