Course Descriptions

MK 201 Principles of Marketing     3 CR
Investigates the components of the marketing mix. A managerial approach is employed and case studies supplement each area of exploration. Topics include: customer behavior, product policy, channels of distribution, advertising and promotion, price policy, marketing programs and the legal aspects of marketing.

MK 205 Advertising     3 CR
Analyzes advertising from the managerial viewpoint of its relationship within the marketing mix. Examines social and economic aspects of advertising, practices and issues, analysis of media, the communications function, creative aspects including art and copy, and measures of effectiveness. Prerequisite: MK 201

MK 210 Retailing and Merchandising     3 CR
Studies history and development of the retail function and its relationship to the wholesaler and manufacturer. Topics include: store management, the buying function, elements of style and fashion, pricing policies, customer relations, store location and sources of supply. Examines retail mathematics including markup, markdown and turnover. Prerequisite: MK 201

MK 237 Social Media Marketing     3 CR
This course provides the practical knowledge and insights required to define objectives and strategies of social media marketing, identify and properly select the social media tools to engage consumers, and effectively evaluate and measure the results of these efforts. Topics Include: infrastructure of social medias, social media platforms, social media marketing strategy, social media marketing mix, social communities, social publishing, social entertainment, social commerce, social media for consumer insights, and social media metrics. Prerequisite: MK 201

MK 238 Software Tools for Design     3 CR
This course offers a practical application of graphic design concepts for marketing objectives. Students will learn to manipulate scanned images and digital photographs in preparation for publication layout and design, to create single and multipage marketing publications (e.g., brochures, advertisements, flyers), and to design and publish commercial websites. The course provides students with hands-on experience in the use of state-of-the-art design tools such as Photoshop, InDesign (Publisher) and Dreamweaver. Prerequisite: MK 201

MK 240 Fashion Marketing     3 CR
Examines the history, evolution, and business of fashion from the 19th century to the present. Focus is on the marketing of fashion  apparel  from  the development of product line, to distribution through multiple retail channels, and purchase by targeted consumers. Advertising and promotional strategies also will be examined. Prerequisite: MK 201 

MK 270 Customer Insights Using Technology     3 CR
Provides students with a working knowledge of resources and tools available to marketing professionals. It examines databases, analytics, metrics, software and techniques applied by marketers to transform data into useful formats for the strategic decision-making process. Contents focus on technology tools for segmentation, target marketing and positioning, media selection, market share and estimation, sales forecasting and other analyses. It requires extensive use of Excel spreadsheets, the Internet, public and professional databases, specialized software and other technology resources. Prerequisite: MK 201

MK 299 Special Topics in Marketing     3 CR
Designates new or occasional courses that may or may not become part of the department’s permanent offerings. Courses capitalize on a timely topic, a faculty member’s particular interest, an experimental alternative to existing courses, etc. Prerequisites are established by the department as appropriate for the specific course. Course title is shown on the student’s transcript. Prerequisite: MK 201

MK 320 Consumer Behavior     3 CR
Explores various fields of knowledge necessary to understand marketing behavior. Materials from psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology and history are used in conjunction with marketing problems. Examines consumers in terms of both individual and group buying behavior patterns; the consumer’s process of arriving at buying decisions is appraised at both the retail and non-retail levels. Prerequisite: MK 201

MK 334 E-Marketing Strategy     3 CR
This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of e-marketing and its role in the global economy. Topics include: the role of e-business in the global economy, e-business models, privacy/security issues, payment systems, social networking sites, logistics and delivery, integration of online and offline channels and related topics. Students will learn how to develop new e-business ideas, create a business plan, select technologies, develop a website and market an e-business and its products or services. Students will have an opportunity to apply their knowledge through hands-on exercises, cases and/or project assignments. Prerequisite: MK 201

MK 335 Digital Advertising     3 CR
This course is an introduction to the rapidly evolving and dynamic digital advertising sector (e.g., search, display, social, and mobile advertising). Recent changes in consumer behavior and opportunities, problems, tactics and strategies associated with incorporating electronic methods into the marketing function are examined. The course also includes discussion of current metrics used to gauge the effectiveness of digital advertising. Prerequisite: MK 201

MK 350 Fashion Brand Marketing     3 CR
This course encompasses the history, development, and process of brand marketing in the fashion industry. The array of national, designer, private label, store, and corporate brands, their background, and developmental strategies, will be covered. Through the understanding of  brand elements, brand equity and brand communications, the students will create a positioning brief and launch their own fashion brand as a final project. In addition, this course will examine brand global expansion through such vehicles as licensing and franchising. Prerequisite: MK 201, MK 240

MK 360 Marketing Integration: Textiles & Fashion     3 CR
Encompasses the processes involved in global supply chain management and integration from raw materials base to finished apparel. By understanding the building blocks of  fiber, yarn, weaving, knitting, and color penetration systems, the student will understand what is essential in making decisions concerning aesthetics, cost, care and wearability of fashion apparel. This course is essential for any student who wishes to enter, and manage, in the fields of apparel merchandising, marketing and design. Prerequisite: MK 201, MK 240

MK 362 Marketing Research     3 CR
Explores principal areas and methods of marketing research including mail, diary, panel, phone and the personal interview. Various types of research are analyzed with emphasis on the information gathering function of research as a means to more effective business decision-making. Prerequisite: MK 201 and MA 133

MK 366 Marketing in Europe     3 CR
Provides students with an understanding of marketing in a multi-national environment, as well as the specific challenges of marketing in Europe. Examines European political and sociocultural environment, as well as the function of the European Union in marketing across borders. Prerequisite: MK 201

MK 390 Marketing Internship     3-9 CR
Students are directly involved in various dimensions of marketing management. Emphasis is on the practical application of marketing principles and skills to a specific profit or non-profit enterprise. On-site marketing professionals supervise students. Prerequisites: MK 201 and permission of the Marketing internship coordinator.

MK 399 Independent Study     1-3 CR
Directed study of a specific, well-defined marketing topic. Permission of the instructor and departmental chairperson is granted to qualified Marketing majors on the basis of a written proposal from the student. Prerequisite: MK 201

MK 425 International Marketing     3 CR
Provides a broad-based understanding of the challenges, opportunities and problems associated with international marketing. Emphasis is on understanding other cultures and current events and how they affect international marketing. Classroom work is supplemented with case studies, current readings, videos and speakers who are active in the field. Prerequisite: MK 201

MK 430 Marketing Management     3 CR
Studies the effective management of the marketing mix. The case approach assists in viewing the marketing manager’s efforts as coordinated with the contributions of the firm’s segments. Provides understanding of marketing decision-making as being wholly related to the firm’s goals, with a view to the larger context of society itself. Prerequisite: MK 201, MK 320 and MK 362