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Ebone Woods
Major – Management with a Concentration in Marketing
Hometown - Middletown, Connecticut

My experience in the school of business has been a rewarding one in that we are not only learning the concepts, theories and methodologies incorporated in business, but we are given real-life examples to apply those concepts that we have learned in the classroom.

Additionally, in order to help you determine what you truly want to do in the field that you are best suited for, you are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one internship; therefore, you have already gained a strong experience base before you have completed undergraduate school.  What I find most rewarding is that all of the teachers have had at least some experience in corporate America; therefore, they can not only offer insight into the textual frameworks of business, but also, and more importantly, into the realistic frameworks of business.

Jessica Pedalino
Major – Management
Hometown - Oceanside, New York

I chose Sacred Heart University mainly because of its personalized, intimate atmosphere. I wanted to be acknowledged as an individual; not just a face in the crowd or a number in a professor's grade book. I would say that my favorite thing about attending this university is the sense of community that there is on campus on any given day. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and considerate; it makes Sacred Heart such an enjoyable place to be.

Joseph Mandile
Major – Management
Hometown - Yonkers, New York

As my time at Sacred Heart University comes to a close I have the opportunity to reflect on my experience as a student. The education that I have received has left a lasting impression which I will carry throughout my career in the business world. The Jack Welch College of Business at Sacred Heart University takes the term interactive classroom to another level. Power point presentations, interactive online exams, blackboard forums, as well as learning how to work within a group and communicate effectively are daily components essential to all classes.

The interactive learning environment is a fantastic asset that sets Sacred Heart apart from many other Universities on its level. Students can get a handle on examples of real life scenarios first hand rather than just reading definitions and listening to a professor lecture. The professors that I have had the privilege to work with have real life experiences that complement their teaching methods and help do justice to the course material. Each professor's genuine compassion for the student's progression allows one to excel in a small environment and become a name rather than a number.

Sacred Heart University is a fine Catholic institution that strives for excellence both in and out of the classroom and the technology that it utilizes will only help the University evolve in years to come.

Toni Brogna
Major – Management with a Concentration in Marketing
Hometown - New Haven, Connecticut
When I was applying to colleges, I knew that I wanted a smaller school.  A friend, after just visiting, told me about Sacred Heart's beautiful grounds and smaller student body.  Immediately following my interview and tour, I was convinced!  The faculty, the students, the campus, and the aura fit perfectly with what I was looking for.

Adam Tournabene
Major - Management
Hometown - Syracuse, New York

As a high school junior at Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse, New York, I started looking at colleges. Sacred Heart University was one of the first schools brought to my attention because it fit the criteria of what I was looking for in a college. Sacred Heart stood out in my mind for multiple reasons. It was one of the better business schools in the Northeast, it had small classes and a large enough campus. Secondly, a trip to Sacred Heart my senior year of high school confirmed that the University was exactly what I was looking for. I was able to walk through campus and to meet and talk with some students on a personal level.

For me, two key benefits of attending SHU were the people that I met and the connections I made throughout my four years there. The real life experiences that each teacher brought into the classroom was also unique. Each teacher's different views of the real world were so deep and truthful that you knew you were going to be challenged to think and act like a professional. That experience has given me a competitive advantage when applying for any job.

Employer Testimonials

"Above all, I was impressed with Charlotte's eagerness to learn; ability to grasp complicated subject matter, and her overall driven nature. Overall, it was a pleasure having Charlotte on board. She is a credit to your institution."

~John Oates, Director of Social Media, The Dr OZ Show

"Because Scott was responsible and able to manage his team independently at events, our management group was able to concentrate on generating new business for next season. He is hardworking, humble; takes initiative, and direction well...He would be an asset to any organization." 

~Maria Mahoney, CEO, The Landmark Companies

"Alex has allowed us to take on and expedite additional projects...She is one of the best interns that we have had. Alex is hardworking and reliable. I would highly recommend her." (She later received an offer and accepted it.)

~Eryn Marx, Director of Marketing, Dukal Corporation

"Sean Bell was a great asset to have during our busy season. No job was to too small or too large for him. He has a bright future in this industry!"

~Jarrod Kedersha, Manager, Project Department, The Multi - Housing Depot by ARI

"David displayed great attention to detail and project ownership. It has been a pleasure working with him. He has agreed to work for us for an additional 4 months prior to graduation."

~Michele Tomlin, Sr. Compensation and Benefits Analyst, Terex Corporation