Course Descriptions

BU 121 Introduction to Business     3 CR
Students in this course will learn the foundations of entrepreneurship and business management. Students will identify business opportunities and work in teams to plan to create a product or service. Business plans, marketing, and financing the business will be covered. Business focused oral and written communication skills are analyzed and practiced.

MGT 101 Organization Management     3 CR
An interdisciplinary study of the management of organizations and decision making utilizing behavioral and quantitative approaches. Topics include: decision making, motivation and behavior, leadership, group behavior, organizational change, planning, control and allocation of resources. These topics are addressed against a backdrop of management responses to issues to ethics, social responsibility, and globalization. Lecture and case study format.

MGT 121 Business Writing      3 CR
Corporate business-focused oral and written communication skills are analyzed and practiced. Individual and group presentations, memos, letters, reports, resumes, and interview preparation are included. Laptop required. Prerequisites: C or better in EN 110 and CA 101

MGT 202 Organizational Behavior     3 CR
Organizational behavior is about people and how they act and interact, mostly as members of groups. Current theories of organizational behavior are examined through the use of self-administered tests, experiential exercises, discussion and case analysis. Prerequisite: MGT 101

MGT 203 Cross-Cultural Relations      3 CR
Being able to work well with people from other cultures, both outside and inside your country, is vital in the changing global environment. Cultural sensitivity and awareness of different perceptions, value, and traditions are important individual skills. Many people identify with more than one culture, adding to the complexity of cross-cultural relations. In this course students learn to be alert to possible cultural differences. Students come to understand these differences and to learn not to rely on self-referential criteria.

MGT 207 Management of Human Resources     3 CR
Explores the contemporary human resources function and basic processes involved in the recruitment, selection, training, development, and evaluation of an organization's human resources. Additional topics include today's emphasis on talent management as well as legal issues in HR management, labor relations, performance assessment and improvement, career paths, termination, compensation and benefit systems, and managing diversity. Prerequisite: MGT 101

MGT 231 Legal and Ethical Responsibilities in Business    3 CR
Provides a general survey of law adapted to the business environment. The objective of this class is to learn to apply legal and ethical principals to managerial problems. Areas of study include constitutional law, criminal law, tort law, contract law, and employment law. The student is expected to learn to identify legal issues and consider the ethical implications of his or her solution.

MGT 232 Advanced Business Law      3 CR
Provides an advanced survey of law adapted to the business environment. Areas of study include certain articles of the Uniform Commercial Code, agency law, business organizations, property law, securities law, secured transactions and bankruptcy. Prerequisite: MGT 231

MGT 257 Business Ethics     3 CR
Investigates the ethical questions that arise in normal business situations. The case study method is used to examine topics such as justice and the market system, whistle-blowing, trade secrets and conflict of interest, privacy, discrimination and affirmative action, marketing, safety and employment issues. Special emphasis is given to ethics as it rates to finance, corporations and international business. Prerequisites: PH 101 and MGT 101

MGT 270 Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Businesses for Social Change     3 CR
This course will introduce the student to social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurism focuses on developing sustainable business solutions to social problems at a micro-level which can be replicated on a large scale. The course will focus on introducing students to current global movements and the social forces driving current social enterprises and understand the mechanisms other social entrepreneurs are using to create successful social enterprises. Students will develop a business concept which addresses how best to solve some of the most pressing global issues confronting people today.


IS 272 Dynamics of Information Technology     3 CR
Presents information systems concepts from a managerial perspective to understand how information systems work and how they are used for business purposes. This course is designed to help students understand and use fundamental information systems principles so that they will efficiently and effectively function as future business employees and managers. Topics include: hardware and software of computers, telecommunication and networks (including the Internet), database management, e-commerce, systems development and systems security. Prerequisite: CS 100

MGT 278 Principles of International Business     3 CR
Surveys the scope of international business with special emphasis on various environments including political, economics, legal, technological, and socio-cultural. Also discusses the managerial process of planning, organizing, controlling, and leading in a global context, and its application to achieve success in international business. Prerequisite: MGT 101

MGT 299 Special Topics in Business     3 CR 
Designates new or occasional courses that may or may not become part of the department's permanent offerings. Courses capitalize on a timely topic, a faculty member's particular interest, an experimental alternative to existing courses, etc. Prerequisites established by the department as appropriate for the specific course. Consult the current course schedule for available topics and current prerequisites.

MGT 304 Decision Making in Business     3 CR
This MGT course gives students an opportunity to explore business decision-making tools and to apply them to business problems. Students will work in teams on complex problems facing managers and make decisions and recommendations for actions. Students are required to spend time outside of class to research information and work with team members. Prerequisites: BU201, FN215, MA133

MGT 333 International Business Law     3 CR
A general survey of international law including treaties and international organizations. Topics include: the European community, WTO, U.S. trade policy, international contracts and international payment mechanisms. Prerequisite: MGT 231

MGT 334 Human Resources Law     3 CR
A survey of the laws which create, regulate and terminate the relationship between the employer and the employee, including contract law, federal and state anti-discrimination statutes, wage and hour statutes, and other applicable law. With a micro analysis of the life of an employee complaint, from internal filing to litigation. Prerequisite: MGT 231

MGT 344 Junior Achievement     1-3 CR
Junior Achievement is an experiential course for junior and senior Management students. The course is a variable credit course, such that students can complete up to 3 credits. The course will require students teach the Junior Achievement Business curriculum, including but not limited to financial literacy, developing a business plan and entrepreneurship, at high schools in the community in a seven to 10 week format based on the program they will be volunteering in. The course is designed to have students apply concepts they learn in the Business Administration program to their teachings, and it will help students strengthen their presentation skills while encouraging them engage in community service.

MGT 360 Survey Design and Data Analysis     3 CR
This project based learning course provides an overview of surveys used by organizations for various reasons, with a focus on a Human Resource application - employee attitudinal surveys. The course includes instruction on survey design and practical application on how to convert organizational concerns into questions that provide meaningful answers. In groups, students will act as consultants and work with an actual client to design and develop a survey, communicate objectives, administer the survey, analyze and interpret the results using statistical analysis, deliver results and transfer the results into action planning.

MGT 364 Negotiations     3 CR
This course explores the major concepts and theories of bargaining, negotiation, and mediation and the dynamics of interpersonal and inter-group conflict and its resolution. The purpose of this course is to understand the theory and processes of negotiation as it is practiced in a variety of settings and to help students develop the abilities to analyze bargaining and conflict relationships while learning about their own individual approaches to handling conflicts. Emphasis is placed on supervised practice of negotiation and mediation skills in simulated settings.

MGT 370 Global Leadership     3 CR
Global business means political, economic and socio-cultural interdependence and the linkages among politics, economics, cultural traditions, industries and regional trading blocs create an environment of change and uncertainty. It is in this changing environment that business leaders must learn to operate successfully. This course introduces students to global leadership and its development and is designed for students who want to work effectively with people from various cultures. The content and skills taught in this course provide tools for students to lead more effectively in todays’ more integrated global economy.

MGT 373 Launching a New Business      3 CR
Students utilize their skills in various business disciplines to explore the passion of creativity. The course enables students to conceptualize and pursue the development of a new idea or concept or the improvement/new application of an existing product or service. Students utilize their knowledge of the market and competitive landscape, research, financial models, and management skills to determine the feasibility of a project and evaluate risk and the process of raising venture or risk capital. Prerequisite: MGT 101, FN 215, and Junior or Senior standing

MGT 374 Small and Family Business Management     3 CR
This course introduces the student to the challenges, opportunities and rewards of owning a small business and provides the tools needed to be successful from startup through growth. The course is also directed to students who will enter into the management of family business, either their own family's or someone else's, and who will do business with family firms, consult to them, work with them in private wealth management, mergers and acquisitions, banking, consulting, outsourcing, etc. Prerequisite: MGT 373

MGT 375 Operations and Sustainable Supply Chain Management    3 CR
This course serves as the introduction to the operations function of business. All organizations, for profit or not-for-profit, manufacturing, processing, or services, have operations as their central function. Despite their diversity, these organizations share common objectives and problems; in most cases, the same principles can be applied to help manage the operations. Major topics include determining operations strategy and objectives, planning the operations process, controlling operations, and managing its quality. The course introduces concepts to help understand how operations are organized and how operations decisions affect virtually every aspect of the firm. Prerequisite: MGT 101 and MA 133

MGT 378 Women in the Workforce    3 CR
Explore the progression of women as a vital part of the United States workforce and the resulting social issues which arose from this change. The course will focus on three key areas: the history of women in the workforce, both as domestic workers and as modern industrialized worker; the social issues which arose as women became an integral part of the workforce; and the modern issues facing women today as they enter the workforce and pursue their careers.  Additionally, this course will examine the underlying reasons resulting from gender roles as they relate to work related issues.

MGT 390 Internship     3–9 CR
Students are directly involved in various dimensions of business. Emphasis is on the practical application of business principles and skills to a specific industry or organization. An on-site business professional supervises students. Prerequisites: Senior status and permission of the department chairperson.

MGT 399 Independent Study     1–3 CR
Students work on a special topic under the direction of an instructor. Permission of the instructor and department chairperson is granted to qualified Business majors on the basis of a written proposal from the student.

MGT 401 Strategic Management     3 CR
Explores the formulation and administration of policy, integration of the various specialties of business and development of an overall management viewpoint. Prerequisite: Senior standing

MGT 403 Management and Business Communication Skills   3 CR
Explores supervisory skills required to effectively manage and deal with people in the workplace. Emphasis is on strategic human resource issues of recruiting and managing to retain talent. Includes skill-building applications to practice supervisory skills such as interviewing, providing feedback, conducting effective meetings, resolving team conflict, dealing with emotional behavior, and managing separations, terminations, and outplacement. Prerequisite: MGT 202