Introduction to Business (BU 121)

Introduction to Business (BU121)

Learn the foundations of entrepreneurship and business management. Work in teams to identify business opportunities and create a product or service. Present your business plans, Shark Tank-style.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Know the language of business and how business professionals approach problems
  • Understand the basics of a business start-up
  • Articulate how the various business disciplines contribute to managerial success
  • Know how to write a concise, grammatically correct, professionally formatted paper in AP Style
  • Be capable of giving a clear, logical, engaging and polished presentation
  • Experience working collaboratively and understand how to work well in teams
  • Learn to use library and internet resources to conduct research
  • Identify the basic elements of a business plan, and be able to identify a good plan
  • Be prepared to continue as a successful student in the Welch College of Business
  • Know the path you need to take to be job-ready by graduation