Course Descriptions

Great River Country Club

Specializations: Hotel, Resort and Club Management | Tourism Management
Revenue Pricing and Data Analytics Management

Hospitality, Resorts and Tourism Management Major

HRTM 200 Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry  3 CR
This introductory course provides an overview of the hospitality and tourism industry, its growth and development, industry segments and their distinguishing characteristics, trends and current concerns. Students are introduced to career opportunities and the employability skills needed to succeed in specific hospitality fields.

HRTM 200 level: Introduction to Food and Service Management  3CR
This course is designed to build knowledge and experience in food and service management. Basic principles of foodservice management and their application to menu development, food safety, procurement, equipment usage and identification, customer service, marketing, leadership, human resources, and finance are covered during this course. Laboratory experience in both front and back of the house will provide hands-on experience in basic understanding of how a kitchen operates and dining room service. 

HRTM/MGT 207 Management of Human Resources  3 CR
Explores the contemporary human resources function and basic processes involved in the recruitment, selection, training, development, and evaluation of an organization's human resources.  Additional topics include today's emphasis on talent management as well as legal issues in HR management, labor relations, performance assessment and improvement, career paths, termination, compensation and benefit systems, and managing diversity. Prerequisite: MGT 101

IS 272 Dynamics of Information Technology  3 CR
Presents information systems concepts from a managerial perspective to understand how information systems work and how they are used for business purposes. This course is designed to help students understand and use fundamental information systems principles so that they will efficiently and effectively function as future business employees and managers. Topics include: hardware and software of computers, telecommunication and networks (including the Internet), database management, e-commerce, systems development and systems security. Prerequisite: CS 100 

HRTM 300 level Lodging Operations Management  3 CR
The course is designed to introduce operations in full and limited-service hotels. Topics discussed in the class include an overview and current trends in the lodging industry, hotel organization, reservations, registration, guest services and communications, hotel security, front office accounting, housekeeping, night audit, planning for operations, sales techniques, and revenue and human resources management. At the end of the course students will take the Certification in Hospitality Industry Analytics (CHIA) exam in hopes of achieving their CHIA. The certification is based upon content areas including hotel industry analytical foundations, hotel math fundamentals, property level benchmarking (STAR Reports), and industry performance reports. 

HRTM-300/400 level: Club and Event Management  3 CR
This course focuses on the unique management skills that are necessary in the private club industry. A key objective is to demonstrate to students the concept of "exceptional service" that is demanded in this field. The course leads students on a tour of the responsibilities and operations of all departments that would be found in club operations. Main topics typically include: club management industry and career opportunities; types of clubs that exist in the industry, including structure, organization, and philosophy; the various departments of a successful club including but not limited to: food and beverage, accounting and cost control, human resources, marketing and promotion, catering and banquets, golf operations, tennis operations, aquatics, and fitness facilities; and management skills required of a club manager: leadership, board relations, general management, service excellence, communications.

HRTM 400 level Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry  3 CR
This course is designed to prepare students for any of several hospitality and hospitality related activities that they may encounter upon their departure from SHU. To accomplish this goal, the course combines readings, cases, lectures, discussion and a computer simulation in an integrative framework. The course is designed to provide them with a methodology for analyzing business situations and for developing strategic plans.  

HRTM 400 level: Revenue Management and Pricing   3 CR
Revenue management has become an increasingly popular subject in many businesses, particularly in the service sector. This course will help students to learn more about formulating tactics and strategies to maximize revenues for organizations, by thoroughly examining the role of pricing in each element of the business objective, marketing objective, and source of volume, segmentation, targeting, and positioning; and shows how pricing can be used to align the elements of strategy and execution.

Hotel, Resort and Club Management Specialization 

HRTM 40X level (SM 281): Sport Venue & Event Management  3 CR
Examines principles and fundamentals of managing and financing sport and entertainment venues. Focus is on developing knowledge and skills necessary to develop, design and manage sports, recreation and health/fitness facilities. Emphasizes design analysis, operations and event management. Includes site visits. 

HRTM 40X level: Beverage Control Management  3 CR
This course lays the groundwork for a basic understanding of beverage operations by explaining the beverage service process, describing the types of positions commonly found in beverage operations, and focusing on such beverages as coffee, tea, water, beer, spirits, and wine, understanding of alcohol beverage selection and service, legal and ethical issues of alcohol service, inventory control, sales, promotion and profits with an added emphasis on building usable wine knowledge. 

HRTM-40X level: Resorts & Recreation Management  3 CR
This course provides an overview of resort management and operations. The scope of these industries will be discussed along with the principles of successful marketing, management, and development of a resort. This course will introduce students to the operations of modern day resorts, including ski and gaming resorts. This will include a review of the history of the growth of resorts in the United States, expansion of resorts worldwide, and their operations and characteristics. Students will gain exposure to the wide range and high level of services and activities expected by resort guests and offered by today’s resorts.

Tourism Management Specialization

HRTM 40X level: Tourism and Marketing [New – Dingle Campus]  3 CR
Worldwide tourism is continuing to grow and has been identified as a critical industry for the economies of many different countries, each linking their attractions primarily to cultural identities. This course will provide students with an understanding of the marketing process as it applies to travel and tourism. While general concepts of marketing for travel and tourism are similar to the marketing of other products and services, the travel and tourism industry has unique characteristics that create a variety of problems and opportunities specific to and important for tourism marketing professionals. 

HRTM 40X level: Tourism and Global Understanding  3 CR
The course looks at global tourism from different aspects: that of the tourist, that of the tourism service providers, that of the government agencies that promote and regulate it, that of groups that promote tourism, that of researchers and observers, and that of others. 

HRTM 40X level: Recreation and Sports Tourism  3 CR
This course introduces students to the nature, structure, and complexity of the tourism industry, with specific focus on sport and recreation entities. The interconnectedness of sport and tourism will be analyzed from behavioral, historical, economic, management, marketing, environmental and policy perspectives. Class topics covered include: economic, sociocultural and environmental impacts, tourist motivations, and development principles.

Revenue, Pricing and Data Analytics Management Specialization

HRTM 400 Level Business Analytics   3 CR
This course provides an introduction to the field of business analytics, which has been defined as the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, exploratory and predictive models, and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions. The development and use of data warehouses and data marts to support business analytics is discussed. The use of key performance indicators, dashboards and scorecards for performance management and opportunity assessment are addressed.  

HRTM 400 Level Social Media Marketing Analytics  3CR
Students are introduced to social marketing analytics (SMA) and their influential value for hospitality businesses and society. SMA covers techniques and methods for analyzing the constant flow of information over social networks (e.g. Facebook posts, twitter feeds, foursquare check-ins, Snapchat) seeking to identify, often even in real-time, patterns of information of interest to hospitality business analyst. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the opportunities, challenges and threats arising by online social media as far as businesses and the society at large are concerned.

HRTM/MK 400 Level Consumer Decision Analytics  3 CR
Explores the tools and techniques used by marketers to analyze customer behaviors. It examines databases, analytics, metrics, software and techniques applied by marketers to transform data into useful formats for the strategic decision-making process. Contents focus on technology tools for segmentation, target marketing and positioning, e-media selection, market share and estimation, sales forecasting and other analysis.