Bachelor of Science in Fashion Marketing & Merchandising

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The Fashion Marketing & Merchandising Major

The Fashion Program began in the spring of 2009 as a three-course, nine-credit concentration. In 2015, the curriculum expanded to a five-course, 15-credit Fashion minor. The Fashion Marketing & Merchandising minor is the largest minor in the Jack Welch College of Business. Given the growth of the Fashion minor, and the success of our students in attaining internships and positions, the Welch College of Business now offers a major in Fashion Marketing & Merchandising.

A total of 120 credits is required for the Bachelor of Science in Fashion Marketing & Merchandising. The major consists of nine courses (27 credits) and at least two Fashion electives.

Course Requirements

  • MK 210 Retailing and Merchandising
  • MK 235 Digital Advertising
  • MK 236 Material Culture in History
  • MK 240 Fashion Marketing
  • MK 245 Fashion Buying
  • MK 299 Fashion Design for Marketing Management
  • MK 350 Fashion Brand Marketing
  • MK 360 Marketing Integration: Textiles & Fashion
  • MK 299 Senior Fashion Seminar

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The Double Major

Student may choose a double major. Such options may include majoring in Finance and Fashion, Accounting and Fashion, Management and Fashion, Communications & Media Studies and Fashion, Theatre Arts and Fashion, and Graphic Arts & Design and Fashion.

Will I have study abroad opportunities?

Yes! Sacred Heart, as a University, encourages each student to study abroad. This can range in time from two weeks to a month or to a semester. In the Fashion Program, over the last three years, our MK 350 Fashion Brand Marketing has been taught in two-week segments, in both Milan and Paris.

Will I have internship and career opportunities?

Of the approximately 70 companies where our students have completed their internships, the majority of these are in New York City. Sacred Heart has a bus system which is timed to meet the trains going into and from New York at the Bridgeport train station. It is common for a student to have an internship in New York and then return for an evening class or students may have a morning class and then take a later train into the city. Our University in general, the College of Business, the Placement Office, and the faculty give unending support in securing internships and jobs. Our fashion marketing graduates currently hold positions at many iconic companies.

What co-curricular activities are available?

The Fashion Club is one of the largest academically-involved clubs in the Jack Welch College of Business. The activities of the club include industry speakers (including our own graduates), trips to various firms and museums in New York, and fashion shows with various charities. There are also meetings where students work with each other to make mood boards and trend boards. The highlight of the year is the “Internship Panel” meeting, where six or eight panelists give their internship experiences and advice. The floor is then opened up to all types of questions, i.e., “What should I wear when a company is known for casual wear?”

Who do I contact?
For further information on Fashion Marketing & Merchandising, contact:

David N. Bloom, MBA
Director, Fashion Marketing & Merchandising

"That singular business which lives somewhere between art and commerce." The Fashion Book, Phaidon Press, 1998