Student Run Businesses


Groups photo of Walnut Creamery StudentsHere at the Jack Welch College of Business, we understand the value of experience. This is why—in addition to the problem-based learning in class and the internships outside of class—we offer students the opportunity to run real businesses right here on campus.

The Peak

‌The Peak is a student-run ice cream shop. All positions and roles from management to sales are led by SHU students from the Jack Welch College of Business. Our goal is offer top-notch customer service at our Christian Witness Commons’ (CWC) creamery or provide ice cream services for on-campus events.

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Heartfelt Designs

Heartfelt Designs logo

Group photo of Heartfelt Designs studentsOur second student-run business is called Heartfelt Designs, and is a campus-based philanthropic t-shirt business, and another learning vehicle for students. This business combines students in not only the Welch College of Business, but Art and Design students from Humanities as well. The student team works together weekly to come up with marketing plans, designs, and financial statements and spreadsheets to build the business as much as we can. With advise from the advisors, we are able to grow, learn, and increase a multiple amount of skills that will help us after we graduate.

The mission of this student-run business: Heartfelt Designs supports Sacred Heart University mission related activities. We are a student-run business that donates 100% of profits to these initiatives.

These types of experiences give our students the edge when interviewing for internships and entry-level positions. It also adds a venue to apply content learned in classes, and gives our students familiarity with academic concepts and the confidence to relate and participate in class.

Heartfelt Designs presenting their first check to the volunteer office here at Sacred Heart in the amount of $1,000 towards the El Salvador Mission Trips. READ MORE. From left are Professor Steve Scarpati, Alexa Duffy, former Director of Volunteer Programs and Service Learning Matthew Kaye, Edward Garrity, Natalie DiGennaro, President John Petillo, Octavia Pierce, Taylor DiBella, Erin Morgan and Professor David Bloom.

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