Leadership Positions

The Welch Experience does not only offer professional positions, but it also offers many student held positions. Please review below to gain a better understanding of WHO the Welch Experience really is. 

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Anyone looking to climb Mount Everest doesn’t do it alone, they find a Sherpa—a person who has already been to the top and can guide them through tough obstacles.

College is no different. Each Freshman interested in the Welch College of Business is given a guide—A Welch Mentor. Our Welch Mentors:

  • Meet their freshman mentees at the freshman banquet on the second night of class
  • Exchange contact information and set up a Facebook group in order to communicate
  • Take freshmen to upper-level business courses to show them what classes are like within their majors of interest
  • Take freshmen to Welch Experience events designed to develop knowledge, skills, abilities, and a professional network in the business world.

If you are a current freshman in the Jack Welch College of Business who does not currently have a Welch Mentor and would like one, email Victoria Rosa-Garcia, Assistant Director of the Jack Welch Student Experience.

If you are a current student in the Welch College of Business and you would like to become a Welch Mentor, view the Welch Mentor Job Description & Application.

Corporate Structure

The Jack Welch Corporate Structure, formerly know as the Jack Welch Scholars Program is comprised of Welch College of Business (WCOB) students who possess business and entrepreneurial values, as well as a demonstrated commitment to personal and professional development. The Welch Corporate Structure is intended to provide financial support to students who demonstrate an interest in varied fields of business, and have the innate desire to get involved in our community to enhance, serve and promote the Jack Welch College of Business through innovation, experiential learning and collaborative growth.

As the best and brightest of the WCOB, our Corporate Structure is comprised of students who will represent the WCOB at various events and programs throughout the year. Corporate Structure students serve as liaisons to the incoming class of freshmen, and partake in the Junior Mentor program. These students work directly with the Director of the Student Experience and various faculty members to receive support and guidance on achieving their goals.

  • Academics: Have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.6 or better
  • Co-Curricular/Professional Development: Provide evidence of leadership positions held and efforts toward completion of your Welch List
  • Focus on Values:Participation in an internship or service learning experience
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Must be a current Sophomore or Junior

Jack Welch Corporate Structure Application

Pre-Fall Leaders

Each August, Sacred Heart University offers a variety of Pre-Fall Programs to incoming freshmen. Ours is called Mind Your Business. The program is designed to give students a head start learning about the Jack Welch College of Business, meeting other business students, and networking with campus and community leaders. In addition to exploring major options, students will also learn how golf, etiquette, ethics, career development, leadership, and team building will prepare them for the global business world.

If you are a current student in the Jack Welch College of Business, and you are interested in becoming a student leader in this program, download and submit the application below.

Student Leader Application

Research Assistants


View the video above and download the Research Assistant Application. We accept Research Assistant Applications in Martire W342.