The Welch Experience

Welch Experience

The Welch Experience is designed to provide our undergraduate business students with an integrated professional and academic development program to prepare today’s student for tomorrow’s global economy. This concept in undergraduate education will enhance the learning environment with a comprehensive approach to critical thinking, career knowledge and professional development.

The business world constantly evolves with structural changes in the global economy, technological innovations, and adoption of best practices. Only those professionals who can keep pace with or stay ahead of the rapidly changing business environment and can recognize developing business trends are likely to emerge as influential and successful business leaders. The Welch Experience is a comprehensive approach to business education that builds on an already existing curriculum of excellence. Starting in the students’ first year, Sacred Heart faculty, administration, and alumni will seek to educate the students inside and outside of the classroom, and inside and outside of the country. The Welch Experience is committed to combining education for life with preparation for professional excellence or graduate excellence.


Ask any professional how they got the job they currently hold. Classes will teach you the skills necessary for the job, but meeting people will be the key to get you in the door. Click to see how we provide opportunities for our students to expand their networks, which lead to internships and jobs.

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Student-run Businesses

The Welch College of Business offers students an opportunity to start and even run their businesses right here on campus. The Welch College Business Incubator is currently funding or providing resources to six student-run businesses. Will yours be next?

Student-run businesses on campus

Two Sacred Heart Business Students Run Successful Businesses On The Side


Tournaments, Golf Lessons, and ways that golf can open doors for young business professionals.           

Golf opportunities (lessons & tournaments)

Speakers and Corporate Visits

One of the most important things our students can do to open pathways to the future is meet people. Our corporate visits and guest speakers allow our students to do just that. It also allows them to see what life can be like in different industries and environments, and meet the people who can grant them access.

Corporate visits offered each semester

Leadership Positions

The Welch Experience does not only offer students access to our professional faculty and staff, but it also offers many student held positions. Please review below to gain a better understanding of WHO the Welch Experience really is, and to apply to join us through one of our many leadership, research, and scholarship roles.

Available leadership positions


When preparing for your career, nothing can compare to the value of experience. All students in the Welch College of Business get that experience by participating in at least one internship. That’s right, at least one. We encourage students to work in a variety of settings in order to gauge which types of careers and environments best fit their skill sets and needs. 

Student internships & myths

Welch LLC

Our Welch Living and Learning Community is a great place for freshmen to explore what the Welch College of Business offers and expects from our students. Currently located on the 5th floor of Roncalli Hall, the LLC is fun, friendly, and focused on the future.

Learn about the Welch LLC

Excel Examination Tutorials

Michael Bubolo, Student at Sacred Heart University, has developed the following Microsoft Excel Examination Tutorials.

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