Student Testimonials

Luke W

The IMP program has allowed me and other members to network with professionals in Fairfield County with the purpose of opening up career opportunities in the future. Also, the IMP capstone class is a tremendous way to prepare for the CFA exam and review important concepts in finance, economics, and accounting. I would highly recommend that motivated individuals pursuing careers in finance participate in the program.
~Luke Wischnowski


Sean K



The IMP has been a rewarding experience and is definitely something I would recommend to all committed students.  It is a great network to put yourself in and it allows you to take advantage of some wonderful opportunities the business school has to offer.  It is up to each member to make the most of what the program has to offer.
~ Sean Kessler





The Investment Management Program has been an invaluable experience and has offered me so many opportunities to further my education in finance and to meet professionals working in the industry.  I am currently taking the IMP Capstone Course which helps prepare students to take Level One of the CFA exam.  This type of course is offered at very few universities so I feel very fortunate to be able to partake in it.  The course is designed to cover all the subjects that Level One of the CFA Exam will test.  The IMP also offers students networking opportunities at Sacred Heart and within the Stamford CFA Society to meet CFA's and CFA candidates.  Through these networking opportunities, I have spoken to many professionals about their experiences working in finance which has furthered my own career development and has helped guide my career path.  I also partook in a field trip to Barclay's and Bloomberg in New York City which helped provide a real-world perspective on working in the finance industry.  As I student, I have found the IMP incredibly beneficial as it helped me learn about the finance industry first hand and the opportunities presented by the Investment Management Program has truly helped further my education. 
~ Katherine Slaughter