Full-time MS in HRM Program

The full-time Master’s in Human Resource Management program is designed for recently graduated undergraduates with Bachelors Degrees in Human Resource Management, Business, Management, Psychology, or related field.  Students will obtain an advanced degree and internship experience as a means of reaching a long-term goal of progressing into a senior position in Human Resource Management.

The program is designed to give students the necessary skills (such as forecasting, financial analysis, training and development, leadership development, and legal expertise) to successfully work in the Human Resources field at a strategic level. The program gives students the knowledge to use these skills to recruit, develop and manage a diverse workforce and play a key role in setting and achieving strategy for the organization.

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Delivery Format

The full-time MSHRM program consists of 39 credit hours and will run on trimesters. It is intended to be completed in 15 months. Coursework for the full-time program will be based out of our Fairfield, CT campus following a weekday class schedule.

Sample Course Sequence

Trimester 1 | Summer

  • WGB 521 Fundamentals of Management

Trimester 2

  • HR 607 Introduction to Human Resources Management
  • HR 605 HR Analytics
  • HR 612 Strategic HR
  • HR 613 Diversity and Inclusion

Trimester 3

  • HR 610 Performance Management
  • HR 615 Finance for HR Professionals
  • Elective Course
  • Internship

Trimester 4

  • HR 611 Talent Management
  • BU 636 Law for HR Professionals
  • Elective Course

Trimester 5 | Summer

  • HR 689 Capstone (Applied Research/Practice Project)

Possible Elective Courses

  • HR 630 Personnel Psychology
  • HR 631 Managing a Global Workforce
  • HR 632 Compensation and Benefits
  • HR 633 HR Consultation
  • HR 634 Training and Development
  • HR 635 Employee Engagement
  • Selected MBA Courses
  • Luxembourg Experience