STEM Program & Benefits

The Master of Science in Digital Marketing is a STEM-recognized program that prepares students to be the next generation of digital marketing strategy leaders. Through the curriculum, in conjunction with relevant industry internships, students are provided exceptional industry related knowledge and experience, equipping our graduates with the skills necessary to create effective digital marketing strategies.

STEM Program Benefits

  • Equipping students to compete for jobs in the growing STEM field
  • Job-market advantage due to the consistent employment demand in these fields
  • Access to higher paying jobs
  • Students can be approved to partake in the extended 36-month period

The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code for the Master of Science in Digital Marketing program is 11.0801: Web Page, Digital/Multimedia and Information Resources Design according to the STEM Designated Degree Program list from the US Department of Homeland Security. It is considered a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) field. International students may eligible for the 12 month post completion OPT and then, because the MS Digital Marketing program is a STEM degree, an additional 24 month STEM OPT which equals 36 months in total.