What You Should Do to Prepare for a Career in Digital Marketing


Currently one of the hottest marketing careers around, digital marketing is quickly becoming a goldmine. Not only are professionals in the industry paid handsomely, but a majority of them appear to thoroughly enjoy their careers. In fact, according to a recent Forbes report, digital marketers enjoy the greatest work-life balance.

However, one thing we also learn from the Forbes article is that, in order to succeed as a digital marketer, you need a solid educational foundation, starting with a digital marketing degree that culminates in a Masters in the field.

Which degree program should I pick?

You have several options - the program you pick will ultimately depend on the college or university you attend. To follow are three of the best programs to consider:

  1. Undergraduate E-Business Major
    Available from several higher learning institutions, an undergraduate degree in E-Business covers various digital marketing topics such as E-business, principles of e-business, E-Business infrastructure, and other special e-business topics.

  2. Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing
    This is another excellent digital marketing degree that will wholesomely prepare you for the career. It is also offered at several colleges and universities and covers topics such as digital marketing, digital advertising, virtual business operations, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and targeted marketing, among others.

  3. Bachelor of Business Administration Degree – Digital Marketing Major
    Primarily a business course with a digital marketing bias, this degree program is excellent for people who are stunned by the science behind digital marketing. You’ll be able to dig deep into digital consumer research, e-tailing and retailing, digital content and analytics, and managing electronic commerce systems, in addition to other specialty areas.

There are several other digital marketing degree programs offered at several institutions. For example, some colleges offer E-Business Marketing degree programs, some have Bachelor of Science in Internet Marketing degrees, and others offer Social Media degree programs. The choice is yours.

Tips to help you get a digital marketing job quickly

Aside from establishing a sound educational background, here are three tips that can significantly improve your chances of getting a digital marketing job.

  1. Don’t underestimate hands-on experience
    While a degree in digital marketing will take you places, hands-on experience is often the tiebreaker. So get some experience; it doesn’t matter where – previous job, internship, or side job­–­ as long as you have some form of supplemental work.

  2. Make sure to nurture your personal online presence
    “When picking from two candidates,” says Rick Bakas, a social media marketing director, “an employer might go with the one with a stronger online brand.” The reasoning is that you should be able to build your own personal brand before claiming that you can build and support a large company’s online brand.

  3. Dabble with everything, specialize in something
    As with other professions, understanding how the industry, as a whole, works is very important. But when all is said and done, you should have a specific area of focus that you specialize in. This will help you stand out as a unique candidate in the industry. 

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