What are the different specializations within the digital marketing field?

Digital Marketing Speciliazations

The world wide web has become part of our daily lives, and this booming industry is still growing. With this growth comes an increasing demand for digital marketing, since that is where customers spend a large portion of their time.

Companies of all sizes are clamoring to take advantage of this growth, so opportunities in this sector are superb. The potential is huge for individuals wanting to forge a career in this field, and it is never too soon to prepare for success.

Online Marketing Overview

Marketing has always been a requirement for conducting a successful business. Since the beginning, marketing has been about forging relationships with customers. Digital marketing is fairly new, and while it strives to achieve what traditional marketing did in the past, it does so digitally. Reaching people through the internet has become the best way to reach customers.

The lower marketing costs have made it particularly attractive while providing reams of data about customers which can be used to grow a business. This makes it doubly useful and efficient.

Opportunities are plentiful for career seekers and the growth of the industry is healthy. Education requirements vary, with most marketers having a bachelor's degree in internet marketing or a related field. Here are a few career paths a marketing professional can pursue.

Digital Marketing Specialties

  • Search Engine Optimization
    Optimizing a web page to be ranked highly in search engines is key to any marketing campaign. When someone conducts a search online, you want your web page to be on the first or second page of results, which results in more potential customers seeing your product. Knowing how to drive organic traffic to a site, the evaluation of high-quality content, and how to conduct competitor analysis are the necessary skills to succeed. The median salary for a Search Engine Marketing Specialist is around 45K annually.

  • Content/Copywriter
    Websites are loaded with great visuals to keep visitors interested, and the copy that accompanies those graphics play a big part in marketing. Writing engaging content that forges relationships with customers is an in-demand skill that pays an average median salary of 46K.

  • Social Media Marketing
    Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites have become the prime places to market a business since most people spend time on these sites regularly. A Social Media Marketing Specialist needs to be creative, with solid writing and analytical skills. Knowledge of search engine optimization and customer service is a must. The average median salary for a Social Media Specialist is 41K.

  • Search Engine Marketing
    While similar to a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Search Engine Marketing is a broader discipline that also includes SEO. Along with optimizing a website's content, a Search Engine Marketer also works in website development and with in-depth analytics. The median salary for this position is 45K.

  • Email Marketing
    Knowlege of different metrics such as open rates, click-through, and bounce rates are a necessity to succeed in this position. Email is direct marketing at it's finest and skilled Email Marketing Managers can expect to make a salary of 71K. 

Digital Marketing is the present and the future of marketing, with a variety of career paths to follow. Creating relationships with customers in order to grow a business is the ultimate goal of all digital marketing; keep that in mind to achieve success.

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